Property Manager MA: How to win over the Seller

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: How to win over the Seller

Buying a home is not an easy feat. There are a lot of challenges one has to face while buying a home. The worst one Is when you can’t get on the same page as the seller, even if you fit all the boxes. This can be a huge headache as you may have found the perfect place but the seller is so not into you.

It could be anything from them waiting for a better price, better terms, contingencies or looking for a cash deal. This post looks at how you can get the seller to be on the same page as you.

Maximum offer

Buying a home usually means submitting an offer and then countering with a number of offers. This takes up time and sometimes you don’t end up getting the place. When you are cautious with the offer and take your time, you end up trying the seller’s patience. If you really want the place, you need to put in an offer which is the max you can go to. Then you just have to sit and wait to see if they will accept that offer. The good thing is that at least you know you made an amount you could afford and you won’t have any regrets.

Property Manager MA: Withdraw

When you have made the offer and don’t get any positive feedback, it is time to withdraw and move on. You know that the seller won’t just feel sorry for you and accept it if you decide to hang around. Try and spend your energy looking for other properties which are available. Maybe your luck might change and the seller of the property may have a change of heart.

Valuable lessons

The good thing about rejection is that it helps you learn a lot. There is no guarantee that you will get the home you bid for the first time. Try and see what you did wrong, so that you can learn from it. When you analyze everything, you can see the mistakes you have made and work on it. This way you will be more prepared for the next offer you make.

Don’t get into the head of the seller

Getting into the head of the seller is not ideal. You can’t figure out the seller’s reason for not accepting any of your offers. It could be that that there is an attachment to the home or the seller is not ready to sell for the price you are offering. If there is resistance from the seller, then don’t waste your time.

Once you find the right home and the seller is on the same page, you will be able to get that home.

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Boston Property Management: Buy a home whose sale is pending

 Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: Buy a home whose sale is pending

When the sign outside a home says “Pending”, it doesn’t mean that the sale is a done deal. The same goes for listings you see online. If it says “pending” or “contingent” online, then you know that there is a chance you might still be able to get the property.

This is what you need to do to see if a “pending” sale is worth going after.

Distinguish between “subject to” and “contingent upon”

These are different terms which you need to understand. When a buyer makes an offer, then it is usually subjected to either a property inspection, a bank appraisal, or a loan appraisal. If it is a negative on either one, then the sale can fall through. Then there are times when it is contingent upon the sale of their current home. In a nutshell if the financing falls through, there is an issue with the inspection of the home or if the home is not being sold then the contract is easily nullified.

Boston Property Management: Active with conditions

Sometimes a property which is under negotiation may still be for sale. This is when you see a contingency which says “active with conditions” “Active continue to show”. This means that the seller is still entertaining other offers. The seller is also not able to enter into an agreement with the buyer and that means it’s not a done deal. So you could be the other buyer who can make the backup offer. In the event that the first offer falls through, you might be able to fill the gap with your counter offer. If you also fail to make a good offer, then the house goes back on the market.

The other thing is that sometimes the contract is not signed till there is a home inspection. There is just a verbal agreement and it is not finalized till all parties sign it.

No more contingencies

This is where the deal is still pending and there are no more contingencies. The buyer is committed to buying the home. This means that it will move towards the closing and it will take either a few days or a few weeks.  The sale is done only after the final closing. Sometimes a buyer may exit the purchase after removing all the contingencies. This would be due to some emergency and then the buyer will lose out on the deposit.

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Boston Property Management: Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Home

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Home

Valentine’s Day does not only mean the day of Love. It is also a day where we can show our loved ones how much we appreciate them. So why not do something to make improvements and make your home more liveable for your other half.

 DIY updates

DIY updates are the best way to get things started. This will make some improvements and the value of your home will also go up. This will not take up much of your time and will only be like a weekend. For starters you can go about and get one of those no-touch faucets for your kitchen. It saves you time, is economical and you don’t have to worry about bacteria. Polish your brass drawer pulls or at least replace them with something more modern. Get nice energy saver lights for the bathroom or at least get one of those which turn on when you are there. If you like you can always change the mirrors in your home to something more stylish. Go for a paint job for the doors so that it looks brand new. This will make your home seem brand new and you will feel a lot better.

 Boston Property Management: Spending will make it better

If you have money to spare, then you can always buy new things to boost the value. Invest in some new doors and replace your current doors. Get new curtains and buy a new rug. Get your home cleaned by a professional and let that make you feel good. When you make these changes, you will feel it a lot in a good way.

Buy a new table with chairs so that you can have more guests over when you have dinner. A home is always cozy when you have family and friends around. It doesn’t mean you have to go overboard. Just be yourself and let the place be open for everyone.

If you want to save money on your mortgage payments, you can always try refinancing your home. Just be careful and don’t go for it because you think you can. Get the help of a financial adviser before you do that. Maybe you can find a way to lower your payments and save more in the longer run.

When you do all these things, your home will be more livable and life will be much better.

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Property Manager MA: How to boost the value of your home

Property Manager MA

 Property Manager MA: How to boost the value of your home

When you purchase a home you know that it is a good investment. Not only does it take a big chunk of your money, but also of your time. It is a huge investment which works well for you. The only way to get the most out of your home is to keep making home improvements and maintain the property so that you will be able to live there for a long time. Home improvement is the best way to boost the value of your property. These are the areas you need to consider:


In this era, it is important to focus on security. When you don’t have a secure home, you are opening yourself to a lot of problems. You need to have a home where your family feels safe. This is why you have to spend a bit on security, as this will go a long way. For starters, get secure looks for your doors and secure the windows. Keep them maintained and don’t allow for any points of entry. If you can afford it, spend money on a CCTV system. This will give you a peace of mind when you are away. A smoke alarm and carbon monoxide is necessary to keep them safe if there is any problem. Try and get a proper security system installed so that you never have to worry again. You can also check up on your home via your smartphone, if the security system allows for that.

Property Manager MA: Functionality

The functionality of a home is what makes it attractive for buyers. You will be increasing the value of your home if you focus on what you do there. When you develop the specialised spaces, you will be boosting the value of your home.  So if you provide a culinary service, then you would want to invest in a restaurant quality kitchen. This will make your life easier for you and you don’t have to worry about the effect it will have on your home, as you will have proper counters, loads of storage, proper appliances. A home office means that you will have the right installations and the right space. Any changes you make anywhere in the home will always boost the value as long as it adds functionality.

Comfortable Environment

You need to have a good comfortable environment at home. This means that you have to have proper heating and cooling facilities. Invest in a system which will allow for proper cooling and heating. This will make it much better for you. A dual system is always preferred but is more expensive.

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Boston Property Management: Taking care of plants in Winter

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: Taking care of plants in Winter

Winter is the time when houseplants suffer the most. This is because of the combination of the central heating which leads to dry air, shorter days (Which means that there isn’t enough sunshine to go around), shortage of light (because of the short days), the changing light patterns, cold draft coming in. Basically these are just some of the factors which lead to them not doing so well. The others are because of the poor drainage, indoor pests, over watering. This does not mean that you can’t do anything about it as you can a lot to keep them healthy till spring time.

Identify the plants

For starters you need to identify all the plants you have indoors. Read up on what they need and write it all down. List it all down and see how you can tend to them. So do what is required for them. For example, if they need dry soil, make sure that you don’t keep it too wet. Place them in the right place to give them the light it needs. In the event that it doesn’t like cool air, then place it in a path where it will be getting the right amount. It will take some work but you can make sure that you place everything in the right place and give it the attention it deserves. The good thing is that you don’t always need to be on their case. However, you need to take a look at your plants daily so you can see if a difference is being made.

Boston Property Management: Water

When you know how to water your plants, you can save them from dying. Ensure that your pots have the right drainage and a saucer to catch the water so that it doesn’t ruin your floor. Plants which don’t have drainage die really fast because of rotting. If your plant has soil which is dry, then use a narrow spouted watering can so that you avoid drenching the leaves. You need to water deeply so that the roots grow and any excess salts are watered down.


There may be plants which need humidity and you will have to make sure that you provide enough of it.  So keep them in one place and provide an environment where humidity can help them thrive. So add a tray of water and fill it with pebbles. You can also mist the leaves twice or thrice a day. Also inspect your plants every day to see if there is any rot or if there are any bugs. This way they will live longer.

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Property Manager MA: How to get Credit for Home Repairs after a Home Inspection

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: How to get Credit for Home Repairs after a Home Inspection

When you are buying or selling a home, it does not just end with the signing of the contract. There can be many complications during the sale. Some of them occur during the escrow period or when the home inspection is done with. If there are problems in the home inspection, then you have to deal with more negotiations to fix them.

Credit for work to be done

It is a nuisance when problems emerge just before the property is moving towards closing. The sellers have already made plans and have already packed up or are on their way out. They will not want their move to be hindered by spending time repairing it. Even if they do, it’s not as if they would spend any crucial time on it. This is why you have the right to demand credit so you can do the work yourself when you move in. That is because you know you can do a better job. It is also very likely that the seller will give you the credit so that he/she doesn’t have to deal with it.

Property Manager MA: Work to do in the future

If you notice that there are some minor problems such as damaged flooring or a leaky faucet, then you have the right to ask for credit. It doesn’t matter if you want to renovate it later anyway as the seller should be selling the property in optimum condition. Let the seller know so that you can get that credited to you and you will be able to save money on your closing costs.

Don’t share your plans

Earlier we mentioned how you would love to renovate some of the property to make it look much better. When you get a walkthrough of the property, you should not reveal what you want to do in front of the seller or the seller’s agent. So you have to show if you are uneasy during the walkthrough so that can be conveyed to the seller. When you tend to do something yourself, then you don’t get much negotiation power. Don’t even mention what your plans are for renovation, as the seller will not be likely to give you any credit.

Experts also advise buyers not to negotiate a contract thinking that you can lower the price after the inspection. It can be a huge letdown if there is nothing wrong with the property and you can’t do anything about it. So try and negotiate whatever you can instead of taking your chances. Keep your eyes open and do the right thing.

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Boston Property Management: Landscaping a New Garden

Boston Property ManagementBoston Property Management: Landscaping a New Garden

When you buy a new home, you are excited because you get a chance to get a lawn. The only problem can be that it has infertile soil, the weeds and a mess you can’t take care of. Fortunately, you know that this can be fixed. You can opt for the more expensive option where a landscaper comes over and does the job for you. Alternatively, you can do the work yourself and save a lot of money. Just remember that you will have to spend time to get rid of weeds, dig new beds and do the right landscaping.

Start with the beds

When you start with the beds you know you are taking the right step. It takes time for the beds to get settled. You have to change the topsoil and add compost so that it gets ready. You can also work on your other tasks once the beds get ready. You can also use a lot of options for compost so that it decomposes and makes the beds more fertile. Try and use cow manure as it is the best. Not a good idea to use grass clippings, weeds as it takes time for them.

Boston Property Management: Plan the layouts

When you plan everything in your garden, you will be able to sleep better. A good planner allows for sunlight at the right spots and plans accordingly. So keep the vegetable garden in the spot which gets the sun at the right time. The flowers which don’t require much sunlight can be placed in the right position.

Get rid of plants which you don’t need

Don’t keep plants you don’t need as it will come back to bite you later. Some end up leaving a mess and they can clog your drains and sometimes leave stains. So get rid of those so that you have less to worry about. If you have any trees near your house, see if they have roots which can creep to the foundation. You need to chop it so that it doesn’t ruin it. If you think something is ruining the setting, then get rid of it.

Once you know how you intend to use your garden, you will be a happy trooper. They always suggest that you plan for at least 10 years into the future. So at least you know what you intend to use your garden for.

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Property Manager MA: Cleaning out the Attic

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Cleaning out the Attic

Attics are a place where we store all the stuff we want to keep for a rainy day. It is also a place which we tend not to use so much as it is a storage area. The only time we need to go up there is if we need to store something or if we want to convert it into a living space.

So if you want to convert it into a new room, then get rid of everything. If not, then just clear the following items out of your attic.

Holiday decorations

The problem with holiday decorations is that they tend to take up a lot of space. If you aren’t using them, then they are of no use to me. Even if you are, then you have to see if they are in good condition or not. Sometimes Christmas lights tend to fizzle out because of the wiring. Ornaments which aren’t been used can be donated to charity.

Tapes, Cassettes/ CDs and Outdated electronic items

The era of VHS, Cassettes and CDs are over. If you have Vinyl, then hold on to them because they are still in vogue. When everything is digital and you can stream it, there is no need to hold on to them. If you have family memories on VHS, convert them to digital so that you have a lasting memory. They are also not so good for the environment as they can’t be disposed of properly.

Get rid of all your CRT TVs, your old iPods, DVR players and VCRs. There is no reason to keep them in storage unless you want to create a museum. You don’t have to throw them in the trash as you can just give it away for recycling or donate them to charity.

Property Manager MA: Paperwork

You don’t have to keep all your old financial documents forever. Yes, you should hold on to your licenses, home documents, education records, birth certificates. However, you don’t need to keep your tax records for more than seven years. Any ATM, bank deposit and credit card receipts can be thrown away once you check them with your monthly statement.

Old clothes

You don’t need to hold on to all your old clothes forever. Your children’s old clothes should also not be lying in the attic even if they have mothballs protecting them. It is not easy donating them to charity, as they are of sentimental value. However, you know that they are better off with someone who needs them.

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Property Manager MA: Selling a home to Baby Boomers

Property Manager MA

 Property Manager MA: Selling a home to Baby Boomers

There was a time when Baby boomers were an important part of our daily buzzwords. They were replaced by Generation X, Y and now millennials. The baby boomers are getting quite old as they were born between 1946 and 1964. There are a lot of them in the united states. Estimates show that there are 76 million who are baby boomers. Since a lot of time has flown by, they are either retired or near the retirement age.

It is a well-known fact that no one likes an Empty Nest. This is why most Americans tend to downsize when they don’t need big homes. They go for homes which are easier to maintain and smaller in size. It is a better option than moving to a retirement home.


What baby boomers don’t need in space, they make up for in luxury. You can always opt for some great luxurious options by using some quality ware for your home. So go for nice wooden floors, granite counter-tops and stainless steel appliances. It helps a lot that you have a nice luxurious touch and the home looks classy. Quality means a lot and this will give your home a good edge over others.

Property Manager MA: Convenience factor

Experts are right when they say that baby boomers need homes which require less maintenance and work. When you have a home which has smart devices, a small and easy to maintain yard, energy efficient devices and an open floor plan then that will attract a lot of baby boomer buyers. Who doesn’t want a home with a lot of natural light and good space? No one wants to spend retired life taking care of things which are a pain to handle. It is a big bonus if you have a home which is only one floor as some don’t like going upstairs.

If you have a small room which can be used as a home office, then that is the best thing to do. A number of retired people like to consult on the side or at least do some work from home. So designate a room so that it has potential for a small home office.


The best way to entice baby boomers is a yard which doesn’t need much work. Of course you can’t magically have a yard which needs no maintenance as all yards do. However, you can reduce the size of the yard by adding a patio to most of it or using the whole lawn as a patio. This makes the task much easier.



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Boston Property Management: Why you should buy a home in 2017

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: Why you should buy a home in 2017

2017 feels like as if it will be a turbulent year. It feels that way as the interest rates are climbing and will continue to climb. There aren’t many sellers which means that there is a lower inventory to choose from. This also means that the home prices will climb and there won’t be a drop anytime soon.

It is natural for prices to go up when there is a lot of demand for a limited inventory. It’s a gamble waiting for the market to settle. This is why there tends to be a strong demand. This post looks at each of the factors in detail.

Interest rates

There was a time when mortgage rates went sky high and the prices didn’t go down. This was in the early 80s and led to a huge problem. Around last year the mortgage rates were pretty decent and were sitting at 3.55 percent. The federal reserve has finally decided to increase the rates and this means that the mortgage rates will slowly start to rise. At the moment the rate is at a bit above 4 percent. This could be around 6 percent by 2019 or 2020. This will make it tougher for people to get on to the property market. It’s not as if this will make a huge difference to your repayments. At most it would mean an increase of around $90-100 per month on your payments. It is still much better than 18 percent in 1981.

Boston Property Management: Decline in inventory

The number of homes on sale last year declined 10 percent from the year before. Signs clearly show that they will keep declining, though this means that people will still have something to choose from. It could be that the numbers will go down even further next year. So if you do something about it right now instead of waiting for the summer, then there will be less competition for the homes. The time you save will be valuable for you. This means that there will be less competition.

Increase in home prices

Home prices are at a higher level than before. They will continue to rise slowly but steadily. Due to the uncertainty in the air, people are not so optimistic. So you have to keep an eye out for slowly increasing prices.

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