Boston Property Management: Why you should sell in Winter

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: Why you should sell in Winter

There is a myth which suggests that selling a home in the winter holidays is not a good idea. Naysayers claim that this is a traditionally slow period and home sellers should wait till the spring to make a sale. However, if you play your cards well you can sell a home at the price you want and save a lot of valuable time.

In the past people didn’t sell homes because they were too busy preparing for the holidays. That was perhaps one reason why no one had time to go around looking for property to buy. In this digital era, things have become easier for everyone. Prospective buyers don’t have to do much at all as they have everything at their fingertips.

This guide looks at why it’s good idea to put your home on the market in the winter.

Boston Property Management: Serious Buyers

Serious buyers will always look at listings and will consider a home at any time. They will be able to spare the time to look at listing to see if there is something good available. These are the sort of people who are no nonsense and will spend all their time working and will not be wasting it on holiday preparation. They will have the time to go and inspect the property even during the holiday season.

It goes in your favor to list your property at this time as there is not much competition. When the inventory is limited, the world is your oyster. This makes it competitive for the buyers who will be looking for more properties. When there is a dearth, your property is in a better position. The only problem is that the window between thanksgiving and Christmas is very small so you have to get the most done. If you have an exciting property in your hands, then you will be able to attract a buyer.

Slow moving

This is also a good time to lower the price of your property if it was not selling earlier. This will surely attract a motivated buyer especially as there is a shortage of inventory on the market. Talk it over with your agent before you make any moves and don’t price it too low.

January Beckons

If you are unable to do anything in December, you can always try January. The weather is still cold and you will still see a shortage of competition. So try and go for January as the number of buyers will grow and you will be able to get a good deal.

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Property Manager MA: Clean your Home for Thanksgiving


Property Manager MA

It can be very daunting trying to host a Thanksgiving dinner especially if you are short on time. There is a lot you need to do to make your home looking good. This doesn’t mean that you need to undertake any major updates. It’s just that you have to focus on making your home look presentable so you are able to host people.

Let the light show you the way

When you host a dinner, you know that the days are short and the nights are long. No one likes appearing at a place which has no light at the entrance. This doesn’t mean you need to come up with energy consuming lights. Get lights which are energy efficient but still powerful enough to illuminate the porch. Also work on making sure that the path to the house is clear and there are on obstructions. Try to work on your garden and trim any trees/shrubs which may have grown. Experts suggest that you use solar lights as they are cheaper and will look quite quaint. Also open the curtains a bit so that people can see into the house but not too much.

Property Manager MA: House cleaning

House cleaning doesn’t have to be done at the last minute. Do it in stages so that you are not overwhelmed. Dedicate one day to cleaning your floors thoroughly so that they are sparkly clean. After that they need minimal cleaning. A good idea is to do it three days before the event. Clean the carpet a day after that and you will just need to vacuum it on the day of the dinner.

The next step is to clean the bathroom so that it shines. There is no need to use harmful chemicals as you can always find better solutions. For example, you can get rid of grout in the bathroom with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to clean the taps. Light a scented candle in the bathroom for a while when you clean it up and let it be for at least half an hour. Just make sure that you don’t leave while it is lit. Once you brighten up the bathroom with towels, flowers, etc you can blow the candle. If you like you can also add some potpourri. Don’t forget to unclog the sinks and the toilet so that there are no issues later.

Kitchen Cleaning

Clean the kitchen because you will be cooking there. Get rid of unnecessary items and place them in their storage space. Clean the counters with antibacterial spray and don’t let any pets in there. The stoves and oven need to be cleaned so they work fine. The fridge also needs to be cooling properly.

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Boston Property Management: How to Prepare for Thanksgiving

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: How to Prepare for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is that time when you want to just enjoy being with your family and friends instead of spending all your time on preparing food and cleaning the house. Not only do you end up doing a lot but you are too exhausted to have a good time with anyone. The good thing is that it is not so difficult to do everything if you do it smartly. Most people make a mistake by doing things which you feel you should do instead of doing things which guests will observe.

Logically guests will only look at the front door, kitchen, bedroom and the bathroom. This is a smart approach as you will only have to focus on these areas. This will also give you more time to enjoy on your holiday.

Front Door

Start off with the front door as that is the first impression you have on your guests. Clean the welcome mat thoroughly so that it is fit to look at. If it needs washing, go for it as you don’t want it to be too dirty. Otherwise shake it out and sweep it properly. A good entrance needs a nice homely touch, so you can leave a few plants around. If the place is restrictive, you can always keep a couple of plants. This adds a nice touch and makes everyone feel welcome. If you are not the sort who can’t be bothered to keep a note on the door, you can always greet your guests nicely and make them feel welcome.

Boston Property Management: Kitchen

The kitchen is the first place they go to once they take their coats off. This is because they may need to drop an item they have brought with themselves. Of course it looks bad if they come and the kitchen is a mess. Fortunately, you can fix everything if you plan on time. Remove all small items from the counters and move appliances away. If you have prepared everything ahead of time, you can spend time to clean the kitchen so that the basic essentials are there. You can also line up your oven with tin foil so that it doesn’t look dirty. It is a good method because if anything drips, you will be able to catch it with the tin foil.


Usually guests leave their coats and bags in a bedroom. Now if the room is in a mess, it will look bad. The good thing is that you can make sure that there is either a zero bulb or dim light in the room. This way no one will have time to see the state of the bedroom. If not, then you can always use a lamp and this will add a nice touch to your room.


The bathroom needs to be cleaned thoroughly and have all the basic cleaning supplies. It helps to add a sign so that they don’t clog the toilet. Just in case leave a plunger and loads of toilet paper handy.

Lastly get some good potpourri and a natural deodorizer for the home so it has that great feeling.

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Property Manager MA: Managing Thanksgiving with Grandparents

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Managing Thanksgiving with Grandparents

Thanksgiving is around the corner and this is the time when the grandparents will be expecting the family to visit. It can be quite a challenge for them to prepare a meal when everyone is out there to visit. It can add to a bit of stress as there will be meal preparation etc. You can do your bit to make it easier for them when you are in town.


For starters you should ask them what they want for the holiday. It is good to know what their vision is for the Thanksgiving holiday so that you can be prepared to do what she needs.  Once you have an idea of what is to be expected, you can give your family a list of tasks to do on each day. That way your family can do their best to pitch in or move out of the way of the grandparents. It can also be a primer on how to avoid hurt and misunderstandings. Sometimes it’s not tough if you prep your family and go over everything. When you let them know what you expect from them, it will be less stressful for everyone. This way there won’t be any tension during the dinner.

Another way to make things easier is to come early and not be a last minute guest. So arrive early and help them out with the cleaning. This way they won’t be so overwhelmed with all the work. When you come early you can help clean the guest rooms, add new sheets and put out fresh towels. Perhaps you can bring your own linen, so that the task is much easier. You can also help with the laundry so there is not much of a burden.

Property Manager MA: Pitch in

When dinner is being prepared, pitch in yourself instead of offering help. Go out for groceries after asking for the list. Take contributions from the rest of the family so that they can pitch in for the cost of the groceries. It doesn’t matter where you are coming from as long as you plan everything in advance. Give a hand in the kitchen and help prepare all the items so that everything goes smoothly. Cooking is a great time to bond and there also won’t be any more resentment.

Once you know it is time to leave, you should have done everything to make the task easier. Start cleaning the place up a day before you leave. So take out the trash, clean all surfaces and tidy everything. This way it won’t be cumbersome for the grandparents to do everything. When there are more people, everyone can split chores and finish it much faster.

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Boston Property Management: How to showcase your home

Boston Property Management

 Boston Property Management: How to showcase your home

When you want to sell a property, you will have to show it to potential buyers. The best way to learn about it is by working with a local agent.  There may be different trends but it is always best to have a competent local agent who will be able to suggest something useful. This guide looks at the various options available when you decide to show your home.

Open houses

It may sound clichéd but most people tend to spend their Sunday afternoons going to open houses when they go house hunting for the first time. Open houses allow them to understand the market better and they get to see homes without committing to anything. Open houses are useful as one can see homes without being in the shadow of an agent. Plus, you can ask all the questions you want once you are done with checking the house. This is a win-win for everyone as the seller gets the maximum number of people to view the property instead of having people come in at different times and taking up much of their time. The only downside is that it requires a lot of legwork to prepare the home for an open house and a likely disruption of your routine on a Sunday.

Boston Property Management: Lockbox showings

Lockbox showings are relatively new and are only available in a few markets. This is suitable for those sellers who won’t be home during the weekends and need the agent to be able to show the home to potential buyers. The digital lockbox makes it easier as the buyer is able to access the property with their buyer clients. They can easily inspect the property and leave without much of a hindrance.

Private showings

There are a number of buyers who may be interested in the home they view during an open house. If they are in the mood to buy, they will want to go back some other time to get another view of the property. They will need to be there with the seller’s agent so they can get a more personal experience. The seller’s agent will also be there to answer all sorts of questions and address any concerns. So if the seller’s agent does a good job, the home will be most likely to be sold.

In the end, the buyers have to make sure they don’t waste the time of the seller and their agent’s time. The seller also needs to be a bit accommodating.

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Property Manager MA: Perils of Missing a Mortgage Payment

Property Manager MA

 Property Manager MA: Perils of Missing a Mortgage Payment

It is not easy owning a home especially if you have to survive on a paycheck. Sometimes couples still find it tough to live because most of their paycheck goes to mortgage payments and other day to day payments. So it is not unusual if you have a situation where you don’t want to make a mortgage payment so that your finances are in order. Unfortunately, this can backfire as it will only lead you to a financial crisis.

For starters if you are having problems with your mortgage payments, contact the lender and tell them of your inability. It is not an ideal situation but your honesty will go a long way in the long run.

When you let your lenders know of your financial situation, you are able to make it work. They will be more favorable towards you if you let them know as early as possible. This is because they will be able to come up with a solution for you. It doesn’t hurt to ask what they can recommend for you.

Find out about Loan Assistance

In the event you miss out on a mortgage payment, you should get loan assistance as soon as possible. The current rules prevent dual tracking where a mortgage lender will foreclose on your property while considering a loan modification.  This is a good thing as it gives home owners some leeway and prevents lenders from foreclosing. This is a short period of 120 days but it gives the borrower time to work on finances.

Property Manager MA: State help

There are other programs which help people if they are unable to make mortgage payments. One of them is the HHF which was created to prevent foreclosure and stabilize neighborhoods. What they do is that they help people make their mortgage payments, if they are genuinely in trouble. The caveat is that not all states participate so it may not be available in your state. Their criteria are that it targets unemployed individuals and homeowners whose mortgage is more than the worth of their home

Potential Problems

Sometimes your lender will not be so forthcoming and may refuse to do anything about loan modification. They could also just dismiss you if they know that you are unable to pay off the loan. This will likely mean that you will go into foreclosure and you are out of luck.

At the end of the day you have to let the lender know that you care about meeting the obligations.

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Property Manager MA: What to do when a Neighbor is selling his home

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: What to do when a Neighbor is selling his home

When you move to a new home, it is not the end of the story for you. There are many things they need to consider once they make that move. It is crucial to stay aware of what is happening in the market and when your neighbors decide to sell. This has a great impact on your life as well, so you need to be aware.

These are the things you need to be aware of.

Document disclosure

When you neighbor is selling his home, you need to make sure that you do your duty and help the new buyer to be. It doesn’t matter how good of a neighbor you are, as you need to make sure that you disclose whatever you can.

If there is a property line dispute or any other issue with the neighbor, it is your job to let the new buyer know. The onus will be on you if you do not disclose it earlier. So let the seller’s agent know what the buyer has to know.

See things from their view

When your neighbor conducts an open house, this is a golden chance for you to get to see their home from inside. So don’t let go of the opportunity to explore the place and see how your home looks like from the neighbor’s side. You can inspect the home to see if there is something you can do with your own. Not only that but you can also see into your home and see how much privacy you get.

Property Manager MA: Learn about markets

This is also a good time for you to learn about the real estate market and see if there are any chances. Sure you can find information online but that is not in real time. You can always talk to the seller’s agent to get an idea of the market so that you know what the current situation is like. Going to your neighbor’s open house will give you an idea of the type of house and area which is in demand. This will also give you some insight to what sort of home design works well.

You will also get an idea of any changes to property tax rates and how assessments are done. The real estate agent will be glad to help because later on you may consider using him/her to sell your own place. So don’t miss this opportunity to check out your neighbor’s place.

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Boston Property Management: Air Filters

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: Air Filters

When you have a home you need to do whatever it takes to make sure it is in good condition. The other thing is that you have to ensure that the environment is safe and healthy for others. This is why you need to make sure that your filters at home are in top condition. The filters for the heating and air-conditioning system make the air cleaner. If you don’t clean the air filters, it will lead to higher energy costs and it can damage your heater/air-conditioning unit.  The quality of air at home can be bad for your health. You can’t be too sure what is floating in the air. It could be your own hair, pet hair, fumes, dust, skin etc. If you are sensitive, then this can be a problem for you.

Experts recommend replacing the air filters at home every month or at least every quarter. Not only will this save you on maintenance costs in the long run, but your health will also improve.

Boston Property Management: Energy Efficiency

When you have clean air filters, they can move through the ducts easily. The more air which stays within the coils, the more energy it will require. It will also be a big burden on your unit and it will take longer to cool the room. The bill at the end of the month will also be huge.

When you maintain your air conditioner and use filters, it will prevent the unit from getting clogged. Typically, a filter is able to get rid of all sorts of particles in the air and this means its less likely for it to land within your air-conditioning units. When your unit has no issues, it will require less energy for it cool the place. Not only that but it will last much longer.

Heating and Cooling Issues

Sometimes certain rooms are cooler than others while some don’t get any of the cool air. In winters, it can be the opposite where some are warmer while the rest stay the same. So when the air filters are loaded it is difficult for the air to move through filters properly. You will have to clean the filters in each room individually.

Plus, it’s not good for your health as the air remains stagnant. The only way to clear everything is to air the rooms and use an antibacterial spray. Yet it means that you will still have some particles in the air. In the long run it can lead to illness and can even ruin the interior of your home. So make sure that you clean those air filters on time.

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Property Manager MA: Fall Maintenance

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Fall Maintenance 

Winter is not so far and this means you will have to take down all your long coats and sweaters. It also means that you will be spending a lot of time warming yourself up and having hot beverages. Before you get too comfortable you know that you have to do some maintenance at home so you can get ready for the winter. This is a usual task after the end of every season.  The good thing is that it helps your home function properly and you will save a lot of money in the long run.

Backyard, Roof and gutters

Start raking your backyard so that you can get rid of all the leaves which fall. Not only do leaves make a backyard look unkempt but it can also ruin the grass. So grab the rake and start raking all the leaves and then dispose of them. You can follow that up by looking at the gutters and clean them. They are usually full of leaves and other gunk. Once you get clear everything, you know that it will not hold any rainwater which can ruin the roofing of your home.

Go to your roof and see if the tiling is in place. At least if you go now, you won’t have to worry about it in winter when it will be tougher for you to check.

Check for gaps and cracks and go for a home inspection

When you inspect your home from outside, you will be able to see the damage to the pathways. If there is any damage, you could be liable if someone gets hurt. So keep an eagle eye and resolve all problems before they happen.  This is also the best time get rid of all cracks. A stitch in time means you save yourself from a lawsuit. While you are indoors, check to see if there is any draft when you close the windows and doors. Get that putty and close all the cracks so you save on the heating bill.

Property Manager MA: Storage

Store all your outdoor furniture in the shed or in a safe place so that it won’t get damaged. Due to the frost and extreme weather, it will lose its sheen. If you can’t place it in a shed, then cover it with a cloth or at least a plastic tarp so that it won’t get damaged.

Rest of the home

Clean the heating system and change all filters. Insulate all your pipes so you don’t have to worry about burst pipes. Clean your dryer properly so that there are no lint issues. Lastly don’t forget to test all your safety devices at home.

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Boston Property Management: Prevent House Fires

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: Prevent House Fires

House fires can lead to a lot of death and destruction. Insurance companies end up paying a lot for home claims for residential fires. It is estimated that the claims for the 2015 were around $14 billion. What makes it worse is that they were easily preventable.

These are some of the risks and how you can avoid them.


When there is a lost in your electrical appliances, sockets or floor heaters, it would lead to a fire. You probably don’t know but a small spark can lead it to catch on fire. If it spreads to other furniture, your place can catch on fire really fast. So when you vacuum your house, make sure you do every place so that the likelihood reduces.

Boston Property Management: Wiring

Get your wiring checked so you know if it can be fire hazard or not. It is a good decision especially if you live in an old Boston home. A professional can check your wiring for you to see if it is a hazard or not. Also make sure that you have the right wiring in your walls so that it can meet the demands of modern gadgets. A good professional will be able to rewire everything so it won’t catch on fire. Some people don’t realize that when they do normal DIY tasks at home, it can disrupt the circuit at home. Get the right circuit breakers which can prevent fires.


It’s not a myth when they say that glassware can cause fire. Basically glassware is like a magnifying glass and can reflect light on to flammable items. There was an incident in London once when a car caught fire because the sunlight from a building reflected on the tank. So you should keep all glass ornaments or mirrors away from the windows.

Loose Electrical Outlets

When you ignore loose electrical outlets, you don’t seem to realize that they generate a good amount of heat. This increases the odds of an electrical fire and you may never find out.

Laptop and paper

Don’t ever leave laptops unattended on a bed or a sofa as the lack of airflow means it can catch on fire. So leave them on non-flammable surfaces so that the risk is minimized. Another tip is to avoid keeping paper so close to heaters or things which catch on fire.

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