Property Manager MA: Check your Lease

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Check your Lease 

Companies tend to charge you extra so that they can make a profit. This means that there are usually some hidden costs associated with everything. Landlords also add extra costs to the leases of homes. Every extra bit adds to a lot over the long term. This post takes a look at where the hidden costs come from and how you can try and avoid it.


Sometimes people are eager to move into a new place and don’t read the lease properly. It is rare for utilities to not be part of the lease so they technically can’t be a hidden cost. This is where it is not illegal as the landlord has to pay the bills. However the cost of the utilities should not be prohibitive. The landlord can choose to have the utilities be in his name and charge it via the rent. Sometimes the landlord can keep the rent at a good rate and make the tenants pay for the utilities.

Property Manager MA: Third-Party Billing

The good thing is that a number of cities have gotten tough on third-party billing. This benefits tenants who have been scammed by their landlords who charge a lot more so that they can make extra. This is why you must always make sure that you are protected. So check to see if there are any laws within your area which save you from third-party billing. Furthermore there are tenant unions which provide advocacy to tenants and help them with third-party billing etc.  You also need to take a few steps to protect yourself from being billed by a third-party. So before you sign your lease you should ask if it is a third-party service. It also helps to pay off your accounts as soon as possible and keep all documentation handy. A smart tenant will take measures to protect him/herself from an unscrupulous landlord. If there any disputes, you must resolve them quickly.


Your landlord can tag on additional fees which can be a bit unnecessary. He can charge for utilities if it is applicable but other fees can be a bit excessive. However it also depends on your situation at that time. You may have to check to see if the add-on charge is applicable to you or not. There also may be charges if you live in a Boston Condo or if it is part of a home-owner association.

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