Boston Landlords: Do I Need to Register My Rental Unit?

register rental inspection ordinance

According to the Rental Inspection Ordinance of the City of Boston, landlords are now required to register their rental units with the Housing Division annually. The deadline was recently extended from August 1, 2013 to August 31, 2013.

With the deadline looming ahead, Boston property managers and agents have already informed their owners about the registration. However, self-managing property owners are still unsure if their unit requires registration or not. Read on for an explanation of who is required to register under the Rental Inspection Ordinance.

Boston property owners who do not live in their owned property are required to register even if the house or unit is vacant or has a non-rent paying person/family (for example relatives) or someone who is not on the deed currently living in the unit.

For example, if your brother lives in one unit of a two unit house, and you live in the other; if his name is not on the deed, you need to register the unit he lives in but not the one you live in.

If you own property in Boston but live out of MA, you need to contract with a local agent or property management company in Boston and have to make sure they assist you in registering your property.

If your rental unit matches the above mentioned description, you need to register before the deadline. The website gives you three options for registration.

  • Register your rental unit through the online form. Make sure you use the Internet Explorer browser to access the online form. You will also need a printer to print out the receipt.
  • Download the registration form (PDF) and mail it to the following address: Inspectional Services Dept., Housing Division, 1010 Mass Ave., 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02118
  • Print the rental registration form, fill it in and personally submit it to the above address.

Remember that failure to register by 31 August, 2013 will result in fines. If you are still not sure, you can contact Toney Jones (Assistant Director, Housing Division, Inspectional Services) at this address: Toney.Jones@cityofboston.go and ask for guidance. Or you can contact us for advise about your rental unit.

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