Boston Property Management: How to avoid Holiday Hazard Insurance Claims

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: How to avoid Holiday Hazard Insurance Claims

Everyone loves holidays because it is the time when you are surrounded by your loved ones, food and good presents.  However people tend to forget about the problems associated with the holidays: insurance claims. There is always the likelihood that an incident will occur which can end up ruining the holiday. This post looks at the sort of incidents which can happen and inflate your insurance premiums.


Cooking is one of the biggest causes of fires at home. So that means that it is likely that the turkey dinner for Christmas or Thanksgiving was the reason why there was a fire at your place. Plus an average house fire claim costs around $34,306.

Experts say that the thanksgiving turkey poses a huge threat.  It can happen if you leave it too long in the oven and forget about it. It can also lead to a fire hazard if you are frying it in hot oil and it leads to a huge fire. Basically anything you leave unattended on the  stove or oven is a recipe for disaster.

Boston Property Management: Household fire hazards

Cooking isn’t the only way your house can catch on fire. If you have a fireplace at home and it is not clean, then it can also lead to a buildup which will lead to a fire.  Those homes which have a space heater should be careful and not leave them unattended while they run. Candles are one of the main reasons why there are fires at home.  Make sure you don’t ever leave them unattended or close to any flammable material. You would also be surprised if you knew that a Christmas Tree can also be flammable if it goes dry. This is why you should make sure you water it often so that it does not catch on fire. If you are using Christmas lights, make sure that you don’t overload your circuits and check to see if there is any faulty wiring.

Travel can also be a pain during the holidays as everyone is out on the roads. This is why it is essential not to drive while exhausted as it can put your life at risk.  Experts recommend keeping an emergency kit in your car in case you are stranded due to the weather.

If you throw a party, make sure that you don’t let any of your guests drive off in an intoxicated state. They can endanger others as well as themselves. A good way of preventing guests from getting on the road is to take their keys when they turn up. An alternative is to not serve any alcohol so that people leave the party in good spirits.

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