Boston Property Management: How to avoid being Scammed

Boston property management

Boston Property Management: How to avoid being Scammed

Real Estate transactions can be fun if you are careful. If you make the wrong move you can get scammed. Just don’t assume that everyone you deal with is honest.  This doesn’t mean that everyone is dishonest. It is just the fact that some unscrupulous elements who find their way. They use all the tricks of the trade to scam you and you won’t be able to tell. Fortunately there are ways of avoiding that if you are careful.

Don’t rush into it

The best way to avoid landing in hot soup is to cool your heels and not rush into something. It makes sense to land a good deal before someone snaps it up but that does not mean you should sign up without questioning it. So if you are getting a good deal and are asked to rush before it goes away, check for red flags.

So if someone does not let you see the inside of a house or apartment that is the first red flag. There have been people who have fallen for that scam. They are unable to see the inside of the property and yet end up giving the deposit money to the scam artist. When the victim ends up at the rental office to get the keys, he/she finds out that it was a scam.

In the end, no matter how good the deal may seem it is important to be able to get a tour of the place. Do not give any deposit cash either on site unless you are present in the realtor’s office. Also make sure that the transaction is done at the realtor’s premises and you get a proper receipt for it.

Boston Property Management: Vet everyone

Another point to remember is that just because you find a real estate agent, does not mean he is honest. Always check up and see if your realtor/real estate agent’s license is intact. There have been instances where people made payments to an agent and he ended up pocketing the cash. Since his license had expired, there was nothing they could do about it. The best way to avoid problems like that is to ask your real estate agent/realtor to show their license. A business card is not enough as anyone can print one. Simply having a web presence or directory listing is not enough.

The best way to avoid all of these problems is to ask a family member or friend for a recommendation. They will be able to help you avoid these problems.

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