Boston Property Management: How a Baby Boomer can sell a home to a Millennial


Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: How a Baby Boomer can sell a home to a Millennial

It is a trend for Baby Boomers to leave their suburban homes and move into the city. Interesting enough, Millennials are now leaving the city to go and move into suburban areas. They moved there because they get more space and it’s far from the noisy city. Not only do they get to enjoy their lives but they also get a great deal of outdoor space. So, if you are a baby boomer who wants to sell, you will be able to appeal to the millennial generation.

Busy Schedules

The biggest factor to remember is that the millennials are busy people and work long hours. They prefer to spend their spare time with their family and friends. Therefore, they want to go for homes which allow them to move in easily and not have to spend much time working on renovating it. They just need a place where they can live comfortable lives with the minimal effort.


Millennial home buyers tend to be very picky when it comes to buying a home. They like to check their homes out online before they buy them. Therefore, you must invest in a good agent and a photographer, so your home is presented well. A good photo shoot means that you will have some good contenders. So, don’t compromise on that and spend money on a photo shoot.

Boston Property Management: Big homes 

Back in the day homes were huge and there was a lot of space inside for everyone. Home owners had huge closets, large basements, big closets and loads of rooms. These days’ millennials want simpler homes as they don’t have the strength to maintain them. A bigger home means that they must spend a lot of time on maintenance. Therefore, if you have a big home, you must make it match the market price.

Location, Location, Location

The most important factor is the location. So, if you have a home which is in the suburbs but still gives an urban experience, then you are in luck. A home which is near the local market or at least the train station, will make your home quite attractive. It might not help you if your home is far away from town and is quite secluded. You might still get a buyer but you might have to adjust your price to meet the market.

So, in the end if you want to sell to a millennial, then you need to adjust your thinking to match theirs. You might get your home sold and not have to spend a lot of time on the market.

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