Boston Property Management: How to Break Up with your Estate Agent

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: How to Break Up with your Estate Agent

It is never easy breaking up your professional relationship with your agent. An agent is necessary because you need to be able to buy your home with their help. Unfortunately, sometimes you may not get along with your agent and the relationship may go south really fast.  It depends on your circumstances though. Maybe it’s just that you both want different things and it’s not easy to be on the same page. Perhaps it could be because you don’t like his/her work. It could be any legit reason which may not be working for you. The difficult part is for you to break up with the agent and part ways without hurting him/her.

There are different strategies for buyers and sellers.


The rule is simple that a real estate agent gets commissions from the sellers and the money is then further divided between the two parties’ agents. Fortunately, you don’t have to enter into a contractual agreement with the real estate. The catch is that you may have to enter a deal with the real estate agent where you just rely on him/her for everything. This is because they spend a lot of time and effort doing everything for you. It would be really unfair of you to dump the agent, after all the work which has been put in. This is why you must do your due diligence before you go ahead. Check with your friends for references and see if you can find any reviews on the agent before you sign on to the dotted line.

Another method is to see the agent in action at an open house. You must make a list of agents you want to work with. It doesn’t help to just go for the first one you meet. Take your time and then see which one you feel you would get along with. Experts believe that it is a good idea not to engage the services of an agent till you are sure that you are ready. Let the agent know that you just need information and that you don’t want to hire him/her. If they can prove themselves useful, then you should go ahead and do the needful. Yet if it doesn’t work out, then you must be upfront and let them know it’s not working out.


Boston Property Management: Advice for sellers

The seller has to sign an agreement with the real estate agent as he/she has to pay the commission. This is why you are bound to work with him/her during the sale of the home. It doesn’t matter if you find a buyer or if the listing agent finds you one. Either way they do end up getting the commission.

If the agent brings an offer to you for the listing price and you don’t accept it, then they still get a commission. However, if the agent isn’t doing a good job you can always tell them in advance and ask to be let out of the agreement. A good agent will always adhere to your wishes. If you are lucky, the agent will want to break up with you if you are too demanding or are not cooperative.

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