Boston Property Management: Cleaning Garage Floors


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Boston Property Management: Cleaning Garage Floors

Don’t you just hate it when your garage floor is full of oil stains, even if you try your best to keep it clean?  Cleaning it up can be quite a task if you are not up for it. However it is important for you to do that because you don’t want to drag the oil and its toxins into your household. So this is why it makes a lot of sense to remove those stains.  It may require some hard work but it is not that difficult.

All you need is some dish soap, some kitty litter and a wire scrub brush.

It is important to cover the stain with kitty litter. Don’t overdo it when you spread it there. Just make sure that it absorbs as much oil as possible. You can leave it there for up to two days so that it does a good job. Just make sure that you use the clay kitty litter and not the other kind. Then sweep it up.

Then use your cleaning solution to dissolve the grease, so that the stain disappears. Make sure that the stain is covered for at least an hour before you wash it off.

The next step is to scrub like your life depends on it. Use that wire scrub brush to clean off the stains.  This will help you a great deal as it will pick up the stains faster than any other. Not only will your arms feel less tired but you will be able to pick it off easily too. Just make sure that you keep applying it in circular motions. You can add soap to it if it gets dry but just make sure that you keep adding water. Once the solution is cleared up, let it dry for a while.

Boston Property Management: Detergent

If you are unable to spare kitty litter, then you can use dry laundry detergent. This will help you get rid of stains but it can lead to irritation in your hands. So make sure that you are wearing gloves before you handle it. This will also do a thorough job and leave your floor looking brand new. Just make sure that you don’t use any liquid detergent as it can end up making your floor too slippery.

If you don’t feel like using any of the above, then you can always use day old Coca-Cola. It does  a great job of eating up the grease and cleaning it up. However it will leave your floor a bit sticky so follow it up with a scrub with baking soda and then rinse it with water.
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