Boston Property Management: Consequences of lying to Insurers

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: Consequences of lying to Insurers

It does not help your case if you lie to insurance agents. This is not a criminal offense but it will have an impact on your bank account. This post looks at the various scenarios where a person can lie and where it can have an impact on your insurance policy.


Insurance companies and canines do not get along. This is evident in the fact that some of these companies refuse to insure certain breeds such as pit bulls, Rottweiler’s, German shepherds, and Doberman Pinschers. The ones who will insure them will make sure they charge premiums which can go through the roof. In the event that the canine bites someone, the premium will increase or canceled.

The reason why they usually don’t tend to deal with dogs is because dog bite claims can be quite expensive. They are usually covered under the home liability insurance, where a person can sue for damages if injured on your property. The average payout for a dog bite is around $27,862. So it’s not a good idea to lie about having a dog at home because you will be personally held liable for damages instead of your insurance company.

Swimming pool or trampoline

Swimming pools and trampolines are also quite challenging for insurance companies as they allow more accidents to happen.  You will be held liable even if someone trespasses into your property and injures yourself on your trampoline or swimming pool.  Plus it will also increase your premiums or get your insurer to cancel your policy.

It makes more sense to make sure that you have secured the entrance to your pool/trampoline. Make sure that you also inform your provider who won’t be happy but will offer you coverage at a higher cost though.

Boston Property Management: Renovations

Renovations are also important because if you make changes you could increase the square footage or add value, which would increase the potential replacement cost.  However this will lead to an increase in your premium. The downside of not telling your insurer is that you will be only covered for the house pre-renovations and this means you will be underinsured.

Your possessions

The worst offence would be to lie about possessions at home which would increase the cost of your premiums. A homeowner needs content coverage to protect his home from damage. The only way this can happen is if the homeowner can provide evidence of ownership. So it helps to keep a home inventory of all your possessions. This should include Serial numbers, receipts, and other information can help you build your case. This will help you speed up your claim. Just make sure that you provide authentic information and not make any bogus claims. Insurance providers can tell when someone is pulling a scam.

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