Boston Property Management: Consuming Less Water

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: Consuming Less Water

Thanks to Climate Change the world is in a bad state. This is why it is important to do whatever it takes to lower the usage of natural resources. Water is a precious commodity and lower water usage wil help you cut down on your water waste.

This guide takes a look at how one can reduce water usage.


Experts claim that the most water usage is inside the toilet. A lot of homes are old and come with the conventional toilet which uses a lot of gallons per flush. This is why you must replace it with a low-flush model which uses a fraction per flush. An alternative would be to get a dual-flush system which will allow you to regulate your water usage. It may cost you a bit but will result in a drop in your water usage.

A cheaper method would be to fill a plastic container with water and drop it in your toilet tank. Just make sure that it does not interfere with the operation of your toilet. This way you will be able to at least save a gallon.

Low-Flow Showerhead

Invest in a low-flow showerhead that will halve your water usage. This will also result in savings when it comes to your boiler.

Boston Property Management: Faucet Aerators

Get some faucet aerators so that you can reduce the flow of water. This can be applied to the kitchen faucets and bathroom sinks so that you utilize 75 percent less water each time you want to brush your teeth or wash dishes.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Stack up your dishwasher so that you get everything done in one go. It should be full before you turn it on as it’s a waste of water just for a few plates. The same applies to your washing machine.

Choosing the right appliances can save hundreds of gallons of water annually

Buy appliances which save energy and use a fraction of the water. They are energy efficient machines which will save you a lot of money. This will allow you to save over 1600 gallons over a lifetime.

 Plants which consume less water

Try and find plants which don’t need so much water. They will lend color to your home and won’t drain your water supply. If you are unable to do that then you should just plant all your favorite plants together so that you can save water in certain areas.

Skip washing your car at home

Don’t wash your home as you will end up wasting a lot of water. Go to a car wash and get it washed there as they have technology which allows them to recycle the water.

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