Boston Property Management: Fall Cleaning Tasks

Boston Property management

Boston Property Management: Fall Cleaning Tasks

Summer time is over so this means that you have a lot of tasks to finish so that your home can be ready for both fall and winter. These are the following things you need to do so that your home can withstand the cold weather.


The back and front yards will need a lot of work. So you should take care of the lawn, rake up the leaves, fertilize it and mow it so that when spring comes at least the lawn will look in pristine condition.

It is a cumbersome task but you should drain all your hoses and sprinklers so that they don’t freeze during winter. Any water left inside them will cause it to freeze and crack during the winter. If you are unable to do it yourself, you can always hire an expert to do it for you.

This is also the best time to check your pathways and see if there are any cracks or hazards which you might not notice. There is the need to do this during this time because it can snowball into something bigger.

It’s also a good time to repaint any of the sidings, decks and porches.

Wash your exterior windows so that they look good because you will not be able to do anything in the winter.

The gutters and spouts need to be double checked for leaks and damages. Clean all the debris in the gutters so that they are ready for any potential issues. If there is any debris inside the gutters, it can create problems for you regarding Boston Property Management.

Get your chimney and fireplace checked by an expert so that there are no carbon monoxide issues later. Repair if you have to but don’t leave it unattended.

The roof also needs to be checked for leaks and other problems. Get it repaired as you might have more problems later.


Clean your home inside thoroughly with the right equipment.  Get a professional to do it if you are unable to do it yourself. Thoroughly clean your home’s interior.

Scrub all corners of your home so that you don’t leave any dust or grime anywhere.

This is also the best time to get your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors working. Replace the batteries if you can so that there are no major issues.

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