Boston Property Management: Home suitable for Pets


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Boston Property Management: Home suitable for Pets

It can be tough living with a cat or dog especially when you are about to buy a home. It’s not because they are a burden but only because you don’t know what you are getting into. This is why you need a home which will have features which your pets will appreciate.

The best way to make a dog feel comfortable is to take a walk through the neighborhood before you make an offer for the home. This will give you a good idea of how the neighborhood is like. It will also let you know if the neighbors have any dogs that can be a problem or if they are welcoming. It is always the best way to vet a neighborhood before you move in.

Boston Property Management: Friendly neighbourhood

It also helps to see if the shops in the area are pet friendly and if they allow dogs inside. It is a bonus if they do and if they also have vets, pet stores and groomers in the area. A dog park is important but it doesn’t matter if it’s a park which allows dogs and has plenty of grass. Any area with wild animals in the vicinity is a definite no-no because they can get into brawls with your pets.

One potential problem can be that moving to a far off neighborhood can increase your commute. So a longer commute would mean that your dog will be alone and will need to account for walks and toilet breaks.

Another important thing to remember is that there can be poisonous plants and potential hazards in your yard. Get an expert to check it out and eliminate the problem. If the fence is not secure, make sure it is secured by an expert so that your dog won’t escape.

You also need to figure out if the home is secure enough and is comfortable for your cat or dog. See if you can make any room for a dog house or a climbing post/house for the cat. If there are any windows at home, then that will be great.

If you have pets that tend to get messy, get rid of the carpets as they tend to absorb the smell. Stairs at home are a problem especially if you have an older pet that won’t be able to make its way up or down.

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