Boston Property Management: Fire Sprinkler Systems

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: Fire Sprinkler Systems

House fires can be quite deadly but if you take the right steps you can prevent them. You often hear about home fires on the news. These fires could have been prevented if there were fire sprinkler systems in the homes or apartment buildings.

It is estimated that fires caused around $7.2 billion in residential property losses in 2013. If there is a sprinkler system installed it can reduce losses from $45,000 for unsprinklered homes to $2,166 in those equipped with sprinkler systems.

Fire Sprinklers

These days companies have come up with new flush-mounted sprinkler heads so they seem less obtrusive.  A lot of people do not install sprinkler systems because they think it does not go well with the décor and because they assume it is not safe. Unfortunately sprinkler systems are not mandatory in many states except for California, Maryland and DC. There are a lot of advantages of having a sprinkler system at home.

It is not true that sprinkler systems will cause more damage to homes. They deliver less water to the fire than the ones used by firefighters. The presence of a sprinkler system can put out a fire faster than the arrival of fire engines. Even if the amount of water sprayed is not as much, it is sufficient to stop the fire from spreading.

The advantages of a sprinkler system are that it helps save lives and minimizes damages. The good part is that insurance companies will also offer discounts to those who install fire sprinkler systems. They can also get tax rebates and increase the price of a home. It helps paying more for a system as it keeps the home secure.

The best time to install a sprinkler system is when a home is being built. However it is not difficult to install one in an existing home. It may cost slightly more but it is worth every penny.

Boston Property Management: Fire Sprinkler advantages

It is also important to look at the advantages of a sprinkler system.

Sprinkler systems are able to extinguish fires faster than a fire truck.

They don’t use as much water and cause less damage to the home.

Sprinklers will go off when they detect some heat change. Meanwhile only the sprinkler close to the fire will activate. It also reduces the chances of dying by 80 percent.

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