Boston Property Management: First Time Buyer Run through

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: First Time Buyer Run through

First buyers always tend to be nervous because they need to be prepared for a lot when they get their new home. The most important thing is the property inspection. This is the stage where you check for any problems and then sign off if everything is alright.

First Step

The first-time buyer can’t just go through with it with his eyes closed. For starters, the buyer must receive all the property disclosures and other documentation. It is crucial to go over it so you know you have all the information. It will list any issues and you can use it to ask further questions about the home.  Make the time to come over and inspect what needs to be seen. Don’t rush into it as this will have long term consequences.


During the inspection, your agent will be there to walk you through it. They are quite used to inspections and will be able to guide you through it easily. They can also inform you on what is more important and what Is not. Basically, they see if the problem is minor or major and which one should be handled by the seller.

Boston Property Management: Listing Agent

Depending on which part of the country you are on, the listing agent will show up during the inspection. A good agent will be there to address any issues and will be the eyes and ears of the seller. Any number of questions can come up or it could potentially kill the whole deal or make the property price drop in value. The whole idea is to arrange for a proper sales transaction for everyone.

Since the buyer can make all inspections himself, he must hire a property inspector to check the property. They look at what sort of changes you can do in the property and the costs associated with it. The inspector must also see if the property is worth living in and if there is any damage somewhere.  The thing is that the inspector is impartial and will give an unbiased opinion. In the end, you will get a detailed report on everything. You can also do a walkaround with the inspector who can point everything to you in real time so that you get a better idea.

Once the inspection is done, you must talk to your agent to see what the next step is.

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