Boston Property Management: How to get rid of weeds


Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: How to get rid of weeds

Spring time is when you need to make sure that your lawn is up to standards.  Don’t get disheartened if your lawn is full of weeds as you can always bring it back to shape. These are some tips on how you can get your lawn reader for the spring. Good to get it done before it is too late.

Weeds are not your friend

If you are regular in taking care of your lawn, you won’t have a huge weeds problem. This means that you need to mow your lawn on time, irrigate it properly and give it good feed so that the lawn grows. Another way to get rid of weeds without ruining your garden is to use herbicide which works on it before it can sprout. Also, try to remove weeds manually so that they don’t spread any more weeds into the garden. Gardening experts also recommend using sod or seed on bare spots in the lawn so that weeds don’t sprout.

Boston Property Management: Maintainance 

You need to make sure that your lawnmowers are well maintained. They won’t work well if you don’t replace the oil to make it work smoother. Check to see if the air filter and spark plugs are also working. Try to sharpen the blade of the mower if it is dull so that it can cut the grass better. Another tip is to make sure that it is cleaned with each use. This way the performance improves and there is no corrosion.


Sometimes dead grass builds up as a spongy layer in the lawn. That is known as thatch. In normal circumstances, it is good as it protects the soil, roots etc but when it grows it can be a problem as it will bring more weeds. So, start using a power rake to remove the thatch.

Start from scratch

Sometimes lawns are in bad shape and there is no hope for them. You can always remove all the grass, weeds and start over. Annual lawns are easy to remove with a sod cutter. There is tougher grass which you can only remove with herbicide. Once the grass is gone, you can replace the soil and then plant new grass seeds. Make sure you add manure or compost before you add the seeds. Keep watering it till the grass grows.


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