Boston Property Management: How to hide Cords and Cables


Boston Property Management


Boston Property Management: How to hide Cords and Cables

It is not an easy task finding the perfect light accessory to brighten up that corner next to the sofa. Unfortunately you are unable to do anything about the cord which ruins the great decor. Fortunately there are ways of hiding cords and cables out of sight, so that your home looks better.


1. Get Rid of the Clutter

The best way to get rid of the cord mess in your home is to minimize the number of devices you have. This does not mean that you have to get rid of devices for the sake of beautification of your home. It means that you should only get rid of items, you absolutely have no use for. For example, you can always get rid of multiple devices and get one of those all in one devices. An all in one scanner/printer/fax machine is better than buying items separately. If you have plenty of cords from devices which need charging, just get a nice colorful charging station. This will hide all the cords and make your room look brighter.

2. Accessorize and Arrange

There are times when you are unable to avoid cords. The best way to give it a cosmetic touch is to utilize your furniture/accessories to hide them. So make use of your rugs to hide cables. You can also place vases, waste baskets and decorative pieces to hide the cords.


3. Boston Property Management: Find a Product That Works

It is good if you can hide those cables/cords underneath rugs but it would help if you can secure them. So invest in a Cable Zipper or a floor or wall card channel to minimize cord run-offs. You can also use styrofoam and plastic tubing and slip them around cords.


4. Use What You Have

Another way of saving space is to put appliances in existing storage so that they aren’t in the way. You can also place your furniture near power outlets so that you can play anything with a cord there. Not only will the furniture hide the cord but you don’t have to run power cables across the room. Place your devices in easy to access console units ¬†while the unused ones can be stored in drawers.


5. Go Wireless

These days you can get a lot of wireless devices such as printers, routers, keyboards, etc. They may be a bit more costly but at least you don’t have to deal with cords. Do buy them if you think there will be a lot of use for those devices.

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