Boston Property Management: How to avoid personal injury lawsuits


Boston Property Management

The biggest headache of Boston Property Management is the personal injury lawsuit. It is important for property managers to ensure that the property is safe for residents, vendors, visitors and guests. There have been countless “slip and fall” lawsuits, where the property manager was found liable. This guide offers advice on how a property manager can prevent injuries from occurring. (This guide should not be used as a legal document. It is merely for reference).


Inspect every inch of your property to see if there are any problems. Take a notepad along and list all the potential problems. It is a good idea to inspect your property at least once a week, so that any potential problems can be fixed before they snowball into a major issue.

Check the outdoor perimeter

Check the pavement and sidewalks to see if there are any uneven surfaces. If there is a major issue, then cordon off the area with a warning so that people are aware. If your property has trees, then see if they have any bee hives or dead branches which could harm someone. Check for any water leaks or holes in the property. Do look around to see if there are any poisonous plants or insects.

Stairs, sidewalk and parking lots

Make sure that the handrails of the stairs are secure and in place. A good property will always have backup lights and exit signs, in case of any problem. Check the batteries for the backup lights regularly so that they should work if there is an emergency.  Boston Property Management dictates  that it helps  to put a sign asking people to use the handrails.

Boston Property Management: Pool Safety

There may be some properties which have a pool on the premises. The best way to avoid injury lawsuits is to add a non-slip pool deck, a “no diving” sign and a life ring at both ends of the pool. It helps to hire someone responsible for pool maintenance as the water needs to be treated with chemicals. Another tip is to lock the pool area at night and place a “Swim at your own risk” sign so that there is no liability.

Keep children safe

If you have a playground on the premises, check the equipment regularly. Make sure there are no If you sharp or jagged edges rust, chipping paint, loose objects. The property manager is responsible for the safety of the playground so ensure that the fence is secure around the playground.  It’s important to make it mandatory for children to be accompanied by adults at the playground.

Document everything

It helps to document everything with the help of photographs. So if you have done any repairs there will be evidence that you have made the property as safe as possible. It doesn’t hurt to get your lawyer to tour the property with you. This helps as he/she will be representing you in case you face a lawsuit. They can also point out things you may have not noticed.

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