Boston Property Management: Items to get rid of before you move

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Boston Property Management: Items to get rid of before you move

Moving out of your home can be quite a chore. It is also a time where you have to decide what you need to take with you and what you need to leave behind.  These are the areas of your home where it is not worth taking with you to your new home.

1. Eat at home

Don’t stock up on food items before the big move. Eat whatever you have at home and don’t leave any perishable foods in your fridge and freezer. You can always order out closer to your move out date and treat your friends to the same if they are helping you move.

2. Get rid of low-quality furniture

If you have any low-quality furniture lying around, give it away to family and friends or to charity. It’s not worth taking it along as it can get ruined on the move. It’s a better move to upgrade to something new.

3. Clean your closets

Throw away all old items in the donation pile. If you are moving to a cold climate from a warm one, then you will need plenty of room for a winter wardrobe. Donating the old clothes to a charity store will make your job easier for you.

4. Clean the Bathroom Cabinet

The bathroom cabinet needs to be expunged. There is no need to take half-filled shampoo bottles or mousses unless you paid through your nose for them. All expired items should be thrown away.

5. Drinks

If you have any fruit juices, kool aid or alcohol lying around make sure to utilize them before you make your move. This will reduce the likelihood of damaged goods during the move.

6. Boston Property Management: Get rid of  those candles

If you have spent a fortune on decorative candles, you will have to take a loss on them as you won’t be able to move them. A number of moving companies refuse to take them and you will have to give them away.

7. Donate excess kids’ toys

If you have kids’ toys lying around, you need to take stock of which items you need to give away. All outgrown and unused items should be given away or donated. If you have any huge items, you need to assess whether you give them away or take them with you.

8. Toss old linens

It is always a good idea to start fresh when you are moving. So throw away all the bulky sheets and towels.  You can always choose new sheets and towels when you move in to your new place.

9. Clear out garage 

Clean out your garage and remove everything from there. It is a good idea to leave the garden items behind instead of carrying them all with you. If not then you can sell them and use the cash to get yourself new garden furniture and equipment.

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