Boston Property Management: Keywords to help sell your home


Boston Property Management

Certain homes sell for a premium because they have the right features and the listings have the right choice of keywords.These are the words you should add to your listing if you think it fits the mould.


1. Luxurious

If you have a well priced listing which isn’t too expensive, then it will sell better than expected. This also gives the impression that the home features and amenities are high end.

2. Captivating

The word “captivating” is also quite appealing as it provides a psychological edge. Buyers are more likely to go for it as they can see it as something which can grab their attention.

3. Impeccable

“Impeccable” speaks volumes about the quality of a home. It tends to add to the faster sale of a home. This also indicates that the features of a home are really good and that the home is ready to move in.

4. Boston Property Management: Stainless

If you have a home with great appliances in the kitchen, then you should opt to use the word “Stainless” to describe it. This usually works well for the homes in the bottom price tier.

5. Basketball

A home with “basketball” within the listing will sell really well as buyers who are looking to get a basketball court will go for it. It may not be among a higher tier but it will be a nice bonus for those who are looking to get one within that price range.

6. Landscaped

A well manicured garden is what will help push the sale of your house. It is a magical word which lets the buyer know that a lot of work has been done on the lawn. It has been a great advantage for lower priced homes.

7. Remodel

Remodeled homes tend to attract buyers, especially if the end result makes the home look really good. If your home is remodeled, don’t hesitate to put it there as buyers will be quite interested.

8. Beautiful

Try and let the buyer know that the beautiful bit is the view which the home comes with. If you have a beautiful view, it will be able to sell for the right price.

9. Spotless

This is always good when you have a low priced listing as buyers won’t expect the home to be so clean. This can make a difference.

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