Boston Property Management: Lawn Care

Boston Property Management: Lawn Care

Boston Property Management

This is the time of the season  when the weather starts changing. It wont be long before winter sets in. the worst thing about this change in the weather is that you need to take care of your lawn.  It is important to remember that not only do you have to make sure you make provisions for it this season, but to also make sure that it is protected for the following season.  So you don’t have to worry if the lawn looks bad on the surface as the roots of the grass are what count.  The roots manage to store the reserves they need to get through the cold harsh winter.

The first thing to remember is that you must wear gloves while handling fertilizer. Make sure you wash your hands carefully after handling it. Also make sure that you don’t use fertilizer if you have any cuts on your hands.

One way to take care of the lawn is to use liquid fertilizer. The best time to use it is a week after you mow the lawn to prepare it for the fall. It is a good idea to use fast-acting liquid fertilizer because they deliver more nutrients. If you want the grass to get nutrients over time, then it is better to use the granular fertilizer as it will help the lawn in small doses. Gardening experts recommend using a fertilizer high in nitrogen in very cold areas.

Boston Property Management: Fertilization techniques

Experts do recommend fertilizing the lawn by hand as it can leave a lot of room for error. You can either under fertilize or over fertilize it. This is why it is a good idea to use a walk-behind spreader as it makes the job easy for you and will spread the fertilizer evenly. You can take a look at this video to get a better idea.

It is important to read the note on the fertilizer package to see how much is enough. This is where the spreader will come in handy and let you do a good job of it. You can also use the spreader to get through half of the volume by running it in one direction. Then go around and do it in the opposite direction so you can get areas that you missed. This will help to disperse the granules evenly.

Make sure that you clean the spreader properly before you store it away. Clean it with a cloth and then apply some alcohol on it to make sure that there are no blemishes. If you are not careful then the metal components will rust over the season.  Seal up any unused fertilizer as exposure to air can lead it to harden up. Make sure that you seal it tightly and keep it in a dry place.

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