Boston Property Management: How long before a house sells?


Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: How long before a house sells?

When you are ready to sell your home, you have no idea of how long it will take to sell the place. This is something which can be determined by many factors. These are the following factors which determine how fast your home will sell.


There is an adage which says that real estate is all about location, location and location. So if your home is in a good area which is in demand, then you will be able to sell it fast. Good areas ensure great school districts, good proximity to public transportation and how gentrified the area is.

Boston Property Management: Price

Remember that location is not just about everything. If the property is priced fairly, then it will sell faster. The key is to price it according to the market value instead of overpricing. If you price it a bit lower, you will be able to get a large number of buyers. The problem is that if you overprice your home, you will not get any offers and the home will be on the market for a long time. This could cause some hesitance by buyers in the future. Once you price the home a bit lower, you may end up getting multiple offers. This could lead you to getting the price you want.

 Compare home sales

Do a search to see for homes similar to yours so you can see how long they were on the market before the sale closed. This will help you come up with the right rate for the sale.


Buyers will always look at the condition of your home before they make any decisions about buying it. So if you have maintained your home well and have great curb appeal, you can be assured of a buyer. So ensure that you paint your home properly and keep it in tip top condition.

The caveat is that you will have to keep your home in pristine condition throughout as potential buyers will keep coming over to your place at various times. It won’t be easy to prepare your home at an hour’s notice. This is why it helps to keep your home in good shape and make it available at any suitable time.

Lastly get some great photos of your home. If it photographs beautifully, you know you will be able to grab the attention of all prospective buyers. So don’t cut corners and see how you can get that done.

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