Boston Property Management: Why you must not make your Agent’s job harder

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: Why you must not make your Agent’s job harder

When you buy a home, you must go through a long process. It can suck a lot of time out of your life and give you a headache. Not only do you must go through a lot of paperwork but the anxiety will add more to your life. Sometimes it can take very long for a purchase to go through. You will need the help of an agent to get through everything.

The thing is that not everyone is a good agent. Then there are some buyers who are horrible and make life hell for agents. This post looks at the sort of behaviour which can make it difficult for them.

Price swap

Sometimes a buyer can ask for credit from the seller if there are issues within the house. That is understandable. However, it is not ok if you try to negotiate the price down without informing your agent. Your agent needs to be in the loop about everything. Not only will you alienate him, but you can jeopardise the transaction.

Boston Property Management: Lowballing

Imagine if the seller is selling his property for a certain amount, which is close to the market value. Yet you end up offering a low price, which the seller will baulk on. The seller won’t take the buyer seriously because it is not justified. Of course, the buyer wants a bargain but he won’t get one nor will he be treated seriously. In the end, a slightly smaller reduction will make it easier for another buyer.

Too many requests

When you are on the path to being a serious buyer, you can ask for a private viewing twice or thrice. It can be frustrating for the buyer when you keep making more requests and show up all the time. The worst part is that if you make all those requests and then you end up not making an offer. You will be wasting everyone’s time if you make multiple visits, only to pull out later.

Don’t buy if you are not ready

There are buyers who think they are ready to buy a home. The only issue is that they may be years away from buying one. This means that they only waste the agent’s time when they keep making demands. They are not at your disposal to do research on permits or properties. They can do that if a client is ready to buy a house sooner rather than later.

So just don’t waste an agent’s time and do your homework before you climb the property ladder.

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