Boston Property Management: Organize Home before going back to school

Boston property management

Boston Property Management: Organize Home before going back to school

Summer is nearly coming to an end and the home activities for the kids will be ending as well. Your home will be in a bad shape because of all the activities. Fortunately there are ways of organizing this chaos before the school year starts.


Towards the start of the school year, the fridge is full of art projects, tests and other material. Pick them all up and place them in the right folders. Just make sure that you have left important phone numbers and takeout menus so that you don’t have to search for them.

Proceed to clean out the fridge and get rid of all old jars, containers and leftover good. Clean the fridge thoroughly and stock it up as required. This will save you time as you won’t have to rush when you start doing the school run.

Boston Property Management: Clothes

Check your child’s wardrobe and take stock of what they have outgrown. Make a list of the items they will need for the new school year. It helps to buy a variation of clothes so that they can adjust to the new year at school. So buy a mix of summer, fall and winter clothes so that they can easily make the transition.

Organize their closet and dresser so that it is easier to find items when you need them. Do as much pending laundry as you can for pending items so that you don’t have to rush on it later.


Most families organize everything from their kitchens, as it tends to be the most central place. All you need there is a proper system so that you can make all the plans. So keep a calendar handy as you will need to mark down important dates. A smartphone app like Sunrise will help but it’s best if there is a central calendar which everyone can view so that there is no double booking. Also keep an address book and notepads available so that you can do your tasks easily. Some people make the mistake of not keeping pens around and messages often go unwritten because of that.

Some may not agree about a kitchen being used as a place of work but it is always the most busy place in the home. So keep all the school related paperwork in a small file cabinet. Since families spend time there it is easier to distribute duties easily.


If you have good organizing skills, you can plan your menus well in advance. Working parents will have it tougher as they will need to both juggle work and school activities. So just plan the menu in advance and shop accordingly. Keep a copy of the menu on the fridge so the family knows what they can expect. If you have the time, prepare some meals and freeze them.

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