Boston property management: Pet Friendly Home

Boston property Management

Boston Property Management: Pet Friendly Home

This post takes a look at how you can make your home pet friendly so that they can move around easily. Since two of three Americans own pets, it makes sense to make the home pet friendly.

Sleep spaces

All canines need a proper sleeping space in a home. They need their own space to get away from spending time with the family. It is a good idea to place a pet bed in your bedroom or to turn an unused closet into a pet room.

If you don’t like pet beds then turn a closet into a pet room with a pet door. Make sure that the room is comfortable and very well ventilated.


Call of Nature

It can be tough if you have both cats and dogs living in the same house. Cats always need a private place to use their litter box. Dogs tend to sniff around everything so it’s important to keep the box away from them.  A good idea would be to hide the box in places which are too small for the dog to enter.  Add some plastic sheets under the litter box so that you can disinfect the area if your cat sprays.

Upgrade your pet door if you have a god who likes to go out of the house to do the call of nature. You can get a  PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door, which  can withstand 40-mile-per-hour winds. If you don’t want to ruin the door, use it in the wall. If you are concerned about security then get one of those collars for your pets which unlocks the door when they approach.

Pet hangouts

In the event that your pet likes to spend time outside, get a dog or cat house. Make sure it is well insulated and has good drainage. This can be a temporary refuge for them when they are bored indoors. Just make sure that it is safe enough for them to use.

Boston Property Management: Pet safety

If you are afraid of losing your dog, then install an electric fence. This will give your dog a small jolt (harmless though) and prevent it from leaving the boundary area.

Cats can be controlled with special cat fences which won’t let them scale it. You can also add a special arch which will make escape difficult for them.It also helps to secure your trash and pantry so that your pets won’t get sick. Keep all detergents, medication, auto supplies away from pets so that they don’t get sick.

You can also add a ramp at the front door for older pets, so that it is not difficult for them to get inside the house. Make sure you have a good heating system so that they can be warm during the winter.

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