Boston Property Management: How to Prepare for Thanksgiving

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: How to Prepare for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is that time when you want to just enjoy being with your family and friends instead of spending all your time on preparing food and cleaning the house. Not only do you end up doing a lot but you are too exhausted to have a good time with anyone. The good thing is that it is not so difficult to do everything if you do it smartly. Most people make a mistake by doing things which you feel you should do instead of doing things which guests will observe.

Logically guests will only look at the front door, kitchen, bedroom and the bathroom. This is a smart approach as you will only have to focus on these areas. This will also give you more time to enjoy on your holiday.

Front Door

Start off with the front door as that is the first impression you have on your guests. Clean the welcome mat thoroughly so that it is fit to look at. If it needs washing, go for it as you don’t want it to be too dirty. Otherwise shake it out and sweep it properly. A good entrance needs a nice homely touch, so you can leave a few plants around. If the place is restrictive, you can always keep a couple of plants. This adds a nice touch and makes everyone feel welcome. If you are not the sort who can’t be bothered to keep a note on the door, you can always greet your guests nicely and make them feel welcome.

Boston Property Management: Kitchen

The kitchen is the first place they go to once they take their coats off. This is because they may need to drop an item they have brought with themselves. Of course it looks bad if they come and the kitchen is a mess. Fortunately, you can fix everything if you plan on time. Remove all small items from the counters and move appliances away. If you have prepared everything ahead of time, you can spend time to clean the kitchen so that the basic essentials are there. You can also line up your oven with tin foil so that it doesn’t look dirty. It is a good method because if anything drips, you will be able to catch it with the tin foil.


Usually guests leave their coats and bags in a bedroom. Now if the room is in a mess, it will look bad. The good thing is that you can make sure that there is either a zero bulb or dim light in the room. This way no one will have time to see the state of the bedroom. If not, then you can always use a lamp and this will add a nice touch to your room.


The bathroom needs to be cleaned thoroughly and have all the basic cleaning supplies. It helps to add a sign so that they don’t clog the toilet. Just in case leave a plunger and loads of toilet paper handy.

Lastly get some good potpourri and a natural deodorizer for the home so it has that great feeling.

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