Boston Property Management: Preparing home for Winter Sale

Boston Property Management

There is never a bad time for selling a property. Most people opt to sell in the traditional fall and spring seasons. However, some people may opt to sell theirs during winter. There was a time when people would not do that. Now with the advent of technology and access to listings online, it has become much easier. People will not just be scouring the newspapers to look for listings. They will search for them online on their phones.  Not many people will be selling their phones in winter. This is when you get it a bit easier, as no one will focus on landscaping. However, you will need to do a few things before you are able to put your home on the market.

Clear driveway

For Starters you need to clear the driveway or sidewalk of your home, so no one faces any issues. Do whatever you can to ensure that it is clear of any snow or ice. You don’t want them to feel uneasy or slip while trying to make their way inside.

 Boston Property Management: Heat is on

The other thing you need to do is to keep the heat on so that it looks warm and inviting. No one wants to tour a home which is chilly and does not look inviting. When you know that you are to have some prospective buyers, keep the heating on and don’t turn it off at any costs. The heating bill may go up but that is still better than selling your home for a price lower than your expectations. If you can try and make some coffee or hot cocoa, so that it can stimulate the prospective buyers. If your home has a fireplace, chop some wood and utilize it. Let the potential buyers see the value of the home. This will let them see how it also looks. However, you should check with your agent before you do it and make sure that it has been properly serviced. Keep some logs nearby so that the fire won’t die so easily.


Winter time can be terrible when it comes to showing buyers the backyard and landscaping. So do your best to let them see whatever they can so they can get an idea of how everything will be like. So let it be visible from inside even if you have to clear snow or frost off them. The more they can see the better it is for you.

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