Boston Property Management: Prevent House Fires

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: Prevent House Fires

House fires can lead to a lot of death and destruction. Insurance companies end up paying a lot for home claims for residential fires. It is estimated that the claims for the 2015 were around $14 billion. What makes it worse is that they were easily preventable.

These are some of the risks and how you can avoid them.


When there is a lost in your electrical appliances, sockets or floor heaters, it would lead to a fire. You probably don’t know but a small spark can lead it to catch on fire. If it spreads to other furniture, your place can catch on fire really fast. So when you vacuum your house, make sure you do every place so that the likelihood reduces.

Boston Property Management: Wiring

Get your wiring checked so you know if it can be fire hazard or not. It is a good decision especially if you live in an old Boston home. A professional can check your wiring for you to see if it is a hazard or not. Also make sure that you have the right wiring in your walls so that it can meet the demands of modern gadgets. A good professional will be able to rewire everything so it won’t catch on fire. Some people don’t realize that when they do normal DIY tasks at home, it can disrupt the circuit at home. Get the right circuit breakers which can prevent fires.


It’s not a myth when they say that glassware can cause fire. Basically glassware is like a magnifying glass and can reflect light on to flammable items. There was an incident in London once when a car caught fire because the sunlight from a building reflected on the tank. So you should keep all glass ornaments or mirrors away from the windows.

Loose Electrical Outlets

When you ignore loose electrical outlets, you don’t seem to realize that they generate a good amount of heat. This increases the odds of an electrical fire and you may never find out.

Laptop and paper

Don’t ever leave laptops unattended on a bed or a sofa as the lack of airflow means it can catch on fire. So leave them on non-flammable surfaces so that the risk is minimized. Another tip is to avoid keeping paper so close to heaters or things which catch on fire.

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