Boston Property Management: Property Disputes with Neighbors


Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: Property Disputes with Neighbors


Disputes with neighbors can be a pain because they lead to a lot of disharmony in the neighborhood. This is perhaps one reason why lawmakers in the past were clever enough to come up with proper laws where boundary lines and deeds helped come up with property limits. Unfortunately sometimes it is not enough to get rid of lawsuits, litigation and tension.  The good thing is that there are ways to prevent this from happening.


Preventing property disputes with neighbors

The first step is to avoid taking the conflict so far and resolve it amicably. It will come as a surprise to many if they find out that a lot of lawsuits have occurred because of trees on the boundary line. Trees usually end up shedding leaves and can be the bone of contention between both. One good method is to negotiate ownership of the tree, where each neighbor gets a side of the tree or accepts responsibility. Another method is to trim the tree so that it ends any problems.

Boston Property Management: Fence

Other disputes could be about ownership of water sources, where the water is used for consumption. If not then they can be about fences and boundary lines.  Problems can be solved if the local surveyor consults you before you take any action.  Legal experts advise property owners not to make any guesses and enlist the help of surveyors to find out the boundary line so that you can set up a fence.  This may cost a bit but is still a lot better than court intervention.

Managing a dispute

Sometimes legal disputes occur during a legal transfer of property. When land stays within the family it is because of the   quitclaim to dispel any potential disputes. This means that there is usually no survey and it might mean that there could be a chance that one side could belong to another. When the property is transferred to outside buyers, then it can lead to a dispute between the neighbors. Thankfully this can be avoided if the two sides negotiate a boundary line without court intervention. If not then you can always hire a property lawyer to help you. This is quite useful as the relations between the neighbors aren’t affected.

Destructive Property Disputes

The worst thing that can happen is when neighbors take the law into their own hands and there is a lot of destruction. No matter what happens, don’t take any action which will get you into trouble. There have been instances where neighbors have bulldozed fences or resorted to the use of firearms. So be careful and think with a cool head before you make any moves.

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