Boston Property Management: Protect your home in Winter Part 1

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: Protect your home in Winter Part 1

Winter is around the corner and this means that it is important to insulate your home against the cold season.  The following tips will make it easier to protect your home in this season

1. Check out the chimney

Get a professional to check out your chimney before you do anything. So get them to clean up any blockage so that there is no fire.  Keep the chimney cap intact and allow for the firebox and chamber to be in good condition. Once you do all that you will know that it is easier to light a fire.

2. Warm your water heater

Invest in insulation for your water heater as this will reduce your heating bill. The best thing is that if you cover it well then it will lose less heat and it will use less energy. This translates into more savings for the pocket.

3. Seal cracks and crevices

Seal all the cracks and crevices in your home so that they do not lose heat. This will help you save energy costs and your heating bill will be lower. You can also use expandable foam to seal the gaps.

4. Stop ice dams in their tracks

 Don’t take any chances and go up to your roof to install an ice shield. They help to protect against ridges of water which end up getting frozen. They prevent the melting snow from draining. This means that your roof ends up getting damaged. A stitch in time will save nine, so go for it before you regret it.

5. Boston Property Management: Perform an energy audit

 Check to see where your energy is being consumed. You can always ask your energy company to do it for free. In the event that your utility does not provide that option, you can get a professional assessment. This will reduce your future energy bills by a good amount.

6. Protect plants and shrubs

 Secure all your plants by getting the right insulation and shelter them from the ice and snow. Wrap them well and protect them from the horrors of winter. Not only will they make the season unscathed but it will help protect your home as well.

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