Boston Property Management: Protect your home in Winter Part 2

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: Protect your home in Winter Part 2

1. Trick out your thermostat

The best way to save money and bring your home into the 21st century is to invest in a smart Thermostat from Nest. It will provide you value for the money and allow you to utilize smart technology. The thermostat from Nest is quite intuitive and will be able to adjust itself when it sees people at home and will set the temperature according to the needs.  You will end up saving a lot of money on Energy costs plus you can control the temperature for anywhere.

2. Install weatherstripping

Get rid of all drafts at home before they become an issue. The best way to do that is to seal all the gaps and window frames.  You can use a door sweep or some sealant for the gaps. This will save you money on your heating bill and it will prevent  your room from getting cold.

3. Boston Property Management: Prevent frozen pipes

Frozen pipes can end up damaging your property and can be a pain for everyone involved. This happens a lot in regions where the temperatures plummet. So invest in the right rubber insulation so that the pipes don’t get too cold. It may cost you a bit but it is still cheaper than buying new pipes.

4. Start yor ceiling fans

Did you know that you can use your ceiling fans in the winter as well? Reverse the rotation of your fans so that the blades spin clockwise. Before you do that you can always dust the fan so that at least you won’t get sick during the winter. Just remember to switch it counterclockwise before the summer sets in.

5. Trim back trees

 Trim your trees for the winter because a storm can make the branches fall. Not only will the branches collect snow and ice but they can fall and damage whatever lies beneath. So don’t be lazy and trim them before it gets worse.

6. Replace furnace filters

 This is the best time of  the year to take care of your furnace by replacing your furnance filters. Not only  will this help the airflow but it will take care of the enrgy demand. Stock up on filters so that your system remains in great condition.

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