Boston Property Management: Revive Lawn after Winter


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Boston Property Management: Revive Lawn after Winter

Don’t you just hate it when winter comes and ruins the lawn for most people? Most of the US is unfortunate because of the entire subzero temperatures and snowfall. When the snow melts away to make way for weather you can see that the lawn suffers a lot. No surprises that the lawn fails to do well because the snow ruins the plants and the grass. Not only do they get brittle and die but they end up being an eyesore. This is why you need to find ways to resuscitate your lawn.

You will know your lawn is safe if the color of the grass changes from brown to green. If it does not change color, then that means the grass is dead.  Try and tug the grass to see if it comes up easily, as this will let you know whether the roots have failed or not. If the grass comes off, then that means the roots are dead. When the grass does not come off easily you know that there is a bit of hope.

Boston Property Management: Reseeding

The best time to reseed your lawn is when the frost is over and when the night temperature is more than 35 degrees. Make sure that the soil temperature is around 50-65 degrees. If most of the lawn is damaged, don’t remove the good portions. Leave them there but make sure that you use the same seeds.

These are the steps you need to take to improve the lawn.

1.  Scatter seeds on the soil gently and use a rake to evenly spread them.

2.  Make sure that you water the soil daily for 15 minutes so that the soil remains moist. Don’t let the soil dry out as the seeds will not germinate.

3.  Once the seeds germinate, you can water them thoroughly.

4.  When you see young blades emerge from the soil, start giving them a high-phosphorous fertilizer.

5.  When the grass is over 3 inches, you can start cutting it.

Try to add sod to the grass if you can afford it. This will allow you to cover up those dead patches and you don’t need to water it so much, as they resist weeds better than seed.You can also add some topsoil to the lower area of your lawn, so that it is easier to reseed or sod.

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