Boston Property Management: Save water in your yard


Boston Property Management


Boston Property Management: Save water in your yard

Unkempt gardens can be quite an eyesore especially when there is a lack of water in this Summer heat.


Here are seven tips to keep your yard looking its best, without spending much water.

1. Use a sprinkler sparingly

Installing a sprinkler system is a good move but it can also end up wasting a lot of water. When you install your automatic sprinkler system make sure that it is watering your lawn and not the driveway. It is helpful to check the system for leaks from time to time. A good move would be to install moisture sensors which won’t turn the sprinklers off if it’s raining or if the ground is already wet.

2. Water at the right time

The best time to water the lawn is during the morning as the afternoon time will only result in the water evaporating. If you are expecting rain, leave the yard alone even if it means the grass turning brown. This means that the lawn will improve once the weather gets better.

3. Drip Irrigation

A drip-irrigation system is easier to handle than a sprinkler system as it will only seep water directly into the ground over certain periods of time. It consumes less waste and will make your yard thrive.

4. Boston Property Management:  Rainwater

Keep a couple of barrels so that they can stock up on rain water. You can use the rainwater to water your garden and yard. Another idea would be to redirect the gutters into the yard so that they can receive water.

5. Lawn Mower

It’s not a good idea to mow the lawn so much that the grass is super low. Keep some longer blades of grass because it helps to reduce the evaporation. ┬áIt also means that longer blades have longer roots and it helps the water reach the grass easier.

6. Mulch

Create your own compost heap so that you can have plenty of mulch to go around. When you use mulch you can ensure that your shrubs and trees will grow properly. They will also consume less water.

7. Natural Beauty

If you don’t care much about grass, you can remove it and replace it with porous paving stones. This way the water will only go through to the ground. You can also keep some plants around so that it gets the feel of a yard but without having to worry about grass losing its luster.

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