Boston Property Management: How to Score a Property Lease


Boston Property management


Boston Property Management: How to Score a Property Lease

The best way to get a lease is to be smart in every way. The property market is so competitive that you will need to be a cut above the rest to be able to get your hands on a good property. This post looks at how you can get through without any issues.

Apply in advance

Try and fill out an enquiry form of the property you have found online so that the property manager knows that you are interested in renting the place. It will also let the property manager know that you are a serious applicant and not a time waster.

Be Prepared

The smart applicant is one who comes with a copy of his credit report, pay slips, checkbook and a list of references. The property manager will prefer someone like that as it makes the job easier and the applicant is more likely to get the rental property. When you bring all the hard copies of the application material, then you are making yourself more of a catch.

If you want to go a step beyond, then you need to get a letter written to the landlord which will explain why you are a good tenant and explain why you need the place. This may make your chances better but there is no guarantee that you will get the place.

There may also be the possibility that you will be interviewed so you need to be really prepared. This is the process where they can see if you are suitable enough to live there.

Boston Property Management: Interest matters

A property manager will be reluctant to give a place to someone who is not excited about the property. The ones who show a lot of interest or excitement are the ones who will take care of the property. No one wants to hand over a property to someone who will not take care of it. Once you show some interest in the property, they will know that you are the right one for it.

Flexibility helps

When there are loads of applicants to compete with, there is the likelihood that you may not get the place. This is why if you show some flexibility it will help your cause. So let them know that you have no issues signing a long lease as this will show great commitment on your end.  If not then you can also tell your landlord that you are willing to move in sooner rather than later and this will work in your favour as the landlord won’t want the property to be vacant for long.


Don’t lie in your references as property manager will check all your references. It is better to tell the truth rather than lie about it. So if you have a good profile on social media keep that open so that the property manager can see that you have nothing to hide.

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