Boston Property Management: Solar Energy

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: Solar Energy

Not only is solar energy clean but it will also help you save some money over the long run. The only problem is that some people are overwhelmed by the costs of Solar Energy and have no idea where they can get a good deal. It is always a good idea to invest in solar panels as they will add value to your home save money on electric bills and reduce the carbon footprint.

This post aims to dispel some myths about solar panels.

The average cost of a solar panel is around $29,000. Not only is that cheaper than a new car but you actually get renewable energy tax credits along with a 30 percent rebate for installing it. In the event that you are unable to afford the cost, you can always opt for a leasing program.

It also doesn’t matter if there is no sunlight as UV Light is sufficient to power the batteries. So if there is a cloudy day, do not despair as this won’t affect your power. Plus they do no require much maintenance as a simple hose job can clean them annually. If you are fortunate to live in a rainy area, then rain will do the job for you. Just make sure that there is no debris covering your panels as it can affect its ability to generate power.

Boston Property Management: Solar Test  

You need to make sure that your home can handle solar panels. So get the measurements and see If there are any building codes in your area. Make sure that your neighborhood does not have any specific rules about solar panels. If you get the green signal then go for a contractor who is experienced. A good one will be able to tell you if your home is good enough for it. Also ensure that the contractor can do a good job and see if he is registered with the North America Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. It is also good practice to check for references, view the portfolio and see what insurance they have.

Don’t despair if your home is not suitable for solar panels as you can always try solar shingles. They are cheaper and will work well with your roof. Plus they also use sunlight and transform it into usable energy.

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