Boston Property Management: Spring Cleaning

Boston Property Management

Property Management: Spring Cleaning 

Whenever Spring makes a comeback after a long and cold winter, you know that this is the perfect time to go spring cleaning. These are the projects you should work on so that your home feels fresh and clean in Spring.


If you want to have a good home, then you should ensure that all the detectors at home are working properly. This means that you should have a carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in working order. So replace the batteries during this period and clean the device if you can. Also check to see if it has gone past the expiration date so that there are no issues.  A stitch in time will help to save a lot of lives.

Boston Property Management: Clean Air

This is the time for you to clean everything within your house. Try and move your furniture around so that you can clean under the heard to reach spots. Clean out your closets and the areas behind the curtains and rugs as that is where a lot of dust tends to accumulate. Some people also tend to forget that the ducts at home also tend to get dirty. So make sure that you get them cleaned by a professional as the dirt which flows through the vents will lead to respiratory problems.

Outdoor Lighting

Do a check of all the outdoor lights at your place as they are the best deterrent for thieves. Don’t let there be any lights which are not functioning properly as they will let any potential intruders know that you are not at home. So if you have any non-functioning lights you can always invest in motion sensing lights and a timer. If you think you can deal without them, then go for longer-lasting LED lights as they will help you. The last thing you need to do is to check for corrosion.

Mold Inspection

Mold is a silent killer and can take lives if you are not careful. It leads to health problems which can be both minor and major. So if you are having coughing fits and skin rashes, you can be sure that this is a mold issue. So clean all the moldy areas with mold cleaner so that it does not accumulate. A good way to prevent mold from gathering is to air out bathrooms or leave a small window open.

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