Boston Property Management: Spring Cleaning

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: Spring Cleaning

It is great owning your own home. The only issue is keeping your home comfortable for the years to come. Spring is that time of the year when you need to maintain your home so there is no headache.

This spring maintenance checklist will be quite helpful.


1. If you just moved in, change the locks.

If you are moving in you should put a new lock. It doesn’t matter how reliable the previous homeowners were. You may never know who they gave their additional keys to. It’s cheaper to get a locksmith to change the locks. Not only will you get fresh new locks but you will feel more secure.


2. Dust and vacuum the interior.

Clean your home thoroughly when you move in. If you are not up for it, get professional cleaners to do it. Even if the previous owners cleaned the place up before they left, you can be assured that the place will be dirty again because of the move. It helps to get the place thoroughly cleaned so that you don’t have to do it after you bring in your furniture.

3. Test smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Spring is a good time to check the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. If they aren’t working, replace them or see if they need new batteries. In the event that there is no alarm, get it installed.

4. Boston Property Management: Check air filters and ducts.

Air ducts and filters  can also bring in dust if they aren’t clean. They also bring about cold or warm air depending on the weather. In the event that it’s dirty or full of dust, it will end up affecting your health. Not only that but it will take forever to work. Check your ducts and clean it as required. This will help prevent allergies.

5. Keep the insulation updated.

Get your home inspected by professionals. This will help them certify whether your home is properly insulated or not. If there are any problems with the insulation, you can also get it replaced or fixed. Once you get this resolve you will not face any further issues.


6. Clean out the gutters

A lot of people don’t know this but roofs get damaged during storms when the gutters aren’t clean. So you should always make sure the gutters are clean and free of any leaves/debris. If you can’t do it yourself, get a professional to clean it for you. The price is a lot cheaper than if your roof were to get damaged.

7. Prune and trim the landscaping.

If your front yard or back yard is in bad shape, then it’s time to prune the shrubs, mow the lawn and trim the trees. This will help it get back in shape during the summer.

We hope you liked our guide “Boston Property Management: Spring Cleaning “.

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