Boston Property Management: Staging with no budget

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: Staging with no budget

Staging of a home is a great technique which helps you expedite the sale. It is when you stage a home which looks good enough to be sold. Hiring a professional stager can cost quite a bit. However you can do it yourself without spending a lot.


The best way to make a good impression is to clean your home thoroughly and make sure that it is spotless. A home which looks well taken care of is a home people would love to buy.  So get some cleaning equipment out and get rid of all those cobwebs, make your counters sparkle and the floors look clean. Don’t leave a single spot in the house and any potential buyer can see that it is the perfect place.

Depersonalize the house

Get rid of all your personal mementos from your home. Pack them all up so they are out of sight.  Looking at photos can prevent a potential sale, because the buyers won’t be able to see their own family living in the home.  You have to make sure that your home is the star attraction and not your personal life.

Boston Property Management: Pack

Pack most of your belongings so that the home looks more spacious. If there is too much stuff in the home, the buyer won’t be able to see the home properly. So keep whatever you need and pack the rest away.  Just make sure that you don’t leave the boxes in plain sight. Keep them in a secure location and make sure you haven’t mixed it up with flammable material.

Manicure outdoor spaces

A well maintained garden will have a good impact on the sale of your home. If you are unable to add decorative items or flowers, just make sure that you have mowed the lawn. A well-manicured and watered lawn makes a home more appealing.  Do keep in mind that if you have trees, make sure they are well trimmed. Clean the sidewalks, fence and driveway as this will make it all look good.

Lighten up

Make sure that you turn on all the lights in your home when you are showing your home to potential buyers. They need to know how the home looks like with all the lights turned on. This will also show any dark corners within the home and brighten up the space.  If there are no lights, it will look like there is something to hide.

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