Boston Property Management: Taking care of plants in Winter

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: Taking care of plants in Winter

Winter is the time when houseplants suffer the most. This is because of the combination of the central heating which leads to dry air, shorter days (Which means that there isn’t enough sunshine to go around), shortage of light (because of the short days), the changing light patterns, cold draft coming in. Basically these are just some of the factors which lead to them not doing so well. The others are because of the poor drainage, indoor pests, over watering. This does not mean that you can’t do anything about it as you can a lot to keep them healthy till spring time.

Identify the plants

For starters you need to identify all the plants you have indoors. Read up on what they need and write it all down. List it all down and see how you can tend to them. So do what is required for them. For example, if they need dry soil, make sure that you don’t keep it too wet. Place them in the right place to give them the light it needs. In the event that it doesn’t like cool air, then place it in a path where it will be getting the right amount. It will take some work but you can make sure that you place everything in the right place and give it the attention it deserves. The good thing is that you don’t always need to be on their case. However, you need to take a look at your plants daily so you can see if a difference is being made.

Boston Property Management: Water

When you know how to water your plants, you can save them from dying. Ensure that your pots have the right drainage and a saucer to catch the water so that it doesn’t ruin your floor. Plants which don’t have drainage die really fast because of rotting. If your plant has soil which is dry, then use a narrow spouted watering can so that you avoid drenching the leaves. You need to water deeply so that the roots grow and any excess salts are watered down.


There may be plants which need humidity and you will have to make sure that you provide enough of it.  So keep them in one place and provide an environment where humidity can help them thrive. So add a tray of water and fill it with pebbles. You can also mist the leaves twice or thrice a day. Also inspect your plants every day to see if there is any rot or if there are any bugs. This way they will live longer.

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