Boston Property Management: How to Unclog a Toilet

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: How to Unclog a Toilet

It is very annoying when your bathroom sink is clogged. That is when you know you have to make an effort to unclog it and it will be quite a big pain trying to do it on your own.  This can involve using a lot of chemicals and sometime in the toilet. However, it is not so difficult to do it on your own and you won’t need an expert to take care of it. Plus, you will end up saving a lot of money.


The first thing you need to do is to evaluate the situation and see what is required.  Once you know what the situation is then you work it out with each solution. The best bet is to try the easiest solution before you go up to the other options. Experts don’t recommend using chemical drain cleaners till there is no other solution. The problem with it is that it’s not good for your health when you handle it and not for the pipes either. Chemical drain cleaners are also terrible for the environment

Start off by using a plunger on the drain. If the clog is not bad enough, then it will clear easily. If you are unable to do anything with the plunger, then you should use a mild drain cleaning tool. This is good as it won’t ruin the pipes and will get rid of any hair in the drain. You are in luck if the clog is near the drain entrance as it will clean easily. If it’s stuck below the drain, then you need to snake it out.

Boston Property Management: Secondary Steps

This means that you will have to use a drum auger. It is a bad idea to save money and go for the cheapest solution. One with a good grip will make it easier for you to clean it. In the event the drain isn’t clear, then you should use a more powerful drum auger. This means renting an industrial-grade electric auger from a home improvement store. It is more powerful and more durable. This will allow you to get everything done. however, you need to make sure you will be able to use the appliance without any issues.

An important thing most people forget is that you need to run water after you clean the clog. Once that is done, you will enjoy an unclogged experience. Even if it costs you a bit, it is still cheaper than asking for the help of an expert.

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