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boston property manager student tenants

Boston Property Managers and landlords know what September means for the city: a flood of new and returning students.  Most of these college students will be looking for accommodation in the Boston area and this is good news for most landlords.

Though you should have renovated and prepared your property for new tenants before September, if you have not been able to do so, there’s still time because as Boston property managers, we can tell you that students, usually new ones, will often change their initial accommodation if they can find a better one to suit their needs.

While renovating your property for student tenants is not much different from preparing it for other tenants; however, you should consider taking our advice about starting out on the right foot with your new tenants.

Talk to Them

When your first student tenants move in, take the time to introduce yourself and your neighborhood. Talk to them about the laws of the area. Students can be very responsible if you treat them as adults instead of as children and it would not only be kind to introduce them to your neighbors, but will also help in promoting positive relations with them so you, as the landlord, don’t have to deal with neighbor complaints about behavior and loud music. Well, at least not too frequently.

Inform Student Tenants About Rules and Laws

Make sure you discuss important laws that might pertain to them especially if they are from a different state. In cases of out-of-state tenants it is always better to provide them with important contact information about who to contact or which websites to go to in case they have questions.

A Boston property manager will advise that you inform your new student tenants of garbage rules, rules about cleaning the outside of the property and procedures for lodging complaints as soon as they move in. However, you should try to do this in a respectful and polite manner.

Tell Them About Important Neighborhood Associations

If your neighborhood has any tenant or resident associations, organizations or groups, you should let your tenants know about them so they can stay informed of any possible changes or new rules/laws. For example, The Fenway Civic Association or The Audubon Circle Neighborhood Association are groups that work for residents and perform a number of different responsibilities that your student tenant might want to volunteer for.

A Boston property manager will usually have a list of such associations and groups and will be able to provide it to your tenants when they move in. If your property is self-managed, you can probably make a list of your own.

Emergency Procedures

If a property is managed by a Boston property manager, they will make sure they provide new tenants with all the necessary phone numbers, contact information and emergency procedures that they will require. In case of self-managed properties, make sure you provide your tenants with a list of numbers to contact in case of emergency.


If you’re looking for more property management advice or a property manager to manage your rental property in Boston, contact us for assistance.

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