Condo Management Boston: Moving in for the First Time

Condo Management BostonCondo Management Boston: Moving in for the First Time

When you are moving into a new Condo with your partner/spouse/significant other you know that this is the next step. That is where you have to bring everything together and discard items you don’t need. It is a process where both have to make decisions on what they should keep or let go.


The best way to get started is to keep everything in different piles. There are piles to keep, toss, donate or sell. Usually there isn’t much to sell as opposed to items you need to donate or toss. Try and detach yourself of any emotional attachment to items which you need to throw away. Items which are in good shape can be sold while those which are in bad shape can be thrown. Essentially you will be starting from scratch and this will allow you to have a fresh start. So if you have had a bad past, get rid of all items which remind you of it.


This is where both parties need to decide what needs to be done. So sit down together and decide on what you want to bring to your new place. This way there won’t be any bad surprises when you move. Maybe space could be tight and you won’t have room for a few items. So sit down and work it out before it gets worrisome.

Condo Management Boston: Joint Finances

Finances can be a very iffy issue as you have to set budgets and see what your limits are. This has to be done very carefully as it could lead to more problems. This is also the stage when you have to decide what you can afford, who takes care of the bills, how much to save, etc.

House Rules

A successful household is one where there are some rules which are established beforehand. If the issue is not dealt with then there can be some major problems later. This is why it helps to talk it out and avoid any problems. Make sure that the chores are divided equally so that there are no complaints. Perhaps it would help to swap tasks so there is no boredom. This is also a good time to see what your limits are. Make sure you compromise and not bottle up your feelings. Once you move into your new Condo, try to do what you can to get everything out of the way.

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