Condo Management Boston: Pros and Cons of living in a Condo

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Condo Management Boston: Pros and Cons of living in a Condo

There comes a time in a home owner’s life when he decides to put down some money to buy a Condominium. It is also the phase where one gets tired of renting and wants to get a place which can be called home. However one is conflicted on whether one should stick with a condominium or go with a traditional home.

Pro: You will Never have to do maintenance

The best thing about a condo is that you get to own the property and not have to do any maintenance if there are any problems. The catch is that you have to pay maintenance fees (monthly). However it is still better than having to do it yourself and wasting a lot of precious time.


Condo Management Boston: HOA Rules can be a pain

The HOA will dictate how everything works in the building and there is nothing much you can do about it as you have to pay for any of the changes they request. It helps if the HOA is helpful but it is not always the case and you will have to suffer if they decide what is right for you. ┬áThis is ideal for those who don’t mind changes as long as you don’t have to do it yourself. It is annoying for those who don’t want the HOA to make decisions for them.

Pro: Condos help create a community

Living in a condo is a bonus as there is a sense of community. People have to band together to pay all costs etc and that is what makes it so special. Residents shall all facilities and that is when they get a chance to interact. Everyone is included and that is always a positive thing.

Con: Privacy can be an issue

The problem with condos is that your neighbors can tell what you are up to as they share the same walls with you. You may also have to deal with some draconian policies about overnight guests. This is definitely not an issue with  home owners.

Pro: Elevators

It is cool living in a condo which has an elevator. This allows you to get on and off without any issues. There are apartment buildings which don’t have elevators and it is great having a condominium which makes stair free access so good.

Con: No backyard

Technically this can be a pro if you are not interested in maintaining a garden. It is a con if you want a garden but are unable to do anything about it as space is a luxury in a condo. Even if there is a backyard it is more likely that you won’t be able to do much without the dictats of the HOA.

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