Why You Should Fire Your Property Manager

reason to fire property manager

A property manager’s job is to ensure you, as the landlord, have nothing to worry about. They should be able to do perform all the services they agreed to provide without you having to worry about it.

But if all of this sounds like a dream because you are having quite a hard time with your manager and have started wondering if you should keep or fire your property manager, then have no fear, advice is here!

Doubts, Doubts and More Doubts

The relationship between a property manager and landlord must be based on trust, communication and openness. If at any point during your contract with your property manager you feel like you doubt their level of honesty, dedication or their skills, then you need to take a closer look.

What is it that you have doubts about? For instance, you are aware of a problem with your property like maybe a problem tenant, and your manager is not doing what you think they should be doing to deal with the situation. The first thing to do in this situation would be to talk to them about it. If you still feel they are not doing their job properly, maybe it’s time you ended the relationship and found a new property manager.

Ignoring Repairs

One of the most common problems we have noticed with property managers is that they ignore requests for repair and maintenance until the tenant either goes insane or takes their problem to the court. As the landlord, you will probably not hear anything about this until it is too late. However, signs like high tenant turnaround, high bills for repairs every month and many others will probably ring the warning bell for you. Listen to these and make sure you find out what is going on. Your property manager could be the reason your property has a bad reputation and doesn’t attract good tenants.

Lack of Communication

It is very important for a property manager to communicate everything related to your property to you promptly and honestly. For example, if there is a problem tenant in your property, the manager should communicate this to you, however, they should be the ones taking care of this problem in an efficient and cost-effective manner. It should not be something you should be micro-managing.

After all, that’s what you pay them for, isn’t it?


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