Boston Property Management: Home Equity Loans

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: Home Equity Loans

It is a good time to see home values rise. It is also good for those who have equity as they can use it to use some of their wealth for other purposes. This post takes a look at what a home equity loan is good for. If you are not careful, you can squander the money and end up with nothing.

Don’t use it to fund a lifestyle 

The property crash of the mid 2000s is a time some homeowners would not like to remember. That was a time when the housing bubble hit everyone really badly, especially those who used their homes to get equity loans for their lifestyles. When the property values plummeted, they ended up losing their homes. So it is always a bad idea to use a home for a lifestyle, unless you have a second or third home. A home is always seen as an investment.

You can use it to fund Home Improvement

A home equity loan for home improvements is always a good choice as it adds to the value. So if you need an extra wing or a new room then this is the time to get a loan. The best option to go for is HELOC, which provides a  home equity line of credit. Not only will you pay as you go but you can have a rate which is tied to the prime rate.

It’s a bad idea to use it for expenses/bills

It is definitely a very bad idea to use it for paying expenses and utility bills. If you think you can’t pay for them, you should come up with a budget, borrow some money or get a second job. It is never a good idea to use your home to pay your bills.

Boston Property Management: Consolidate Debt

It is a good idea to use it to consolidate all your high-interest credit card debts. This will make your life a lot simpler and you just have to pay a lower amount.

Don’t use it to pay for College

It sounds tempting at first but then it’s a bad idea as it means that you have to wait longer to pay it off. The closer you get to retirement, the longer it takes to pay off the debt. Don’t ever jeopardize your financial security for something like that.

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