MA Property Manager: Fall Maintenance


MA Property Manager

According to MA Property Managers, now is a good time to prepare your homes for the fall. Fall is nearly two months away but it’s good to get a head start on maintenance.


1. Clean your roof

In most cases, roofs are forgotten because they are above the point of sight. Clean your roofs thoroughly by removing leaves, dirt from the gutter. Make sure there is no debris anywhere. In the event that you have a skylight, check and see for leaks.

2. Examine the grounds of your property

Now is a good time to check your walkways for any potential cracks or loose walkway material. Any loose material can be a potential lawsuit if you don’t get it fixed.

3. Change the filters

Make sure that you replace your air filter of your air conditioning system even if you won’t be using it in the fall. In case if you have a window unit, place a waterproof cover over it to prevent it from damage.  Change the filters in all the stove vents, dryers and fans if applicable. The benefit is that the air will be clean in the fall months.

4. Fix leaky faucets

The best time to fix the leaky faucets is before the temperature turns low. Check all the faucets in your home and repair them before it gets worse. You will end up spending less money now than you will in the fall/winter.

5. Fireplace

If you use a fireplace, then get rid of all the old ashes and make sure that the damper is open so that the air can move through the chimney. The best option is to get a professional to clean the chimney and ensure that the flue is operating properly. If you are renting out, it is advisable to get your MA Property Manager to arrange it.

6. Water heater

Perform a check on your water heater to see if any sediment has built up in your tank. Drain the tank and check for any rust. It helps to get a new one if your heater is too old or if it’s rusting, as it is more energy efficient and cost effective.

7. Windows and Doors

Check your windows and doors to see if there is any draft coming through. The seal around the window should be in good condition to prevent any draft. There can be windows which are extra drafty so it helps to use heavy drapes to prevent this from making your home cold.

8. Take care of the lawn and outdoors furniture

Clean all the outdoor furniture and cushions before fall sets in. Keep the cushions in a dry area so that they don’t get damaged.

Fertilize your lawn to prevent any weeds from coming in. this will also prevent it from getting damaged. If you have an irrigation system, make sure that all the broken heads are fixed before winter.

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