Make the Most of Small Condo Living Space

Some of the best designs have emerged as a result of cramped spaces that necessitate innovation and creativity. Sometimes, condo living can mean smaller apartments with very less space but some people know just what they want and how to get it.

For your inspiration, here are some of the ways in which creative apartment dwellers have designed their homes to make your huge house seem cluttered and messy.

Storage, Storage, Storage!

Almost every bit of furniture can be used for storage if you just add a dash of thought into making it. Take these stairs, for example:

stairs as shelf

Or this table.

table with storage

I absolutely love this storage idea.

storage in rooom

Fill it All up

Don’t be afraid to utilize every bit of space around the apartment. Space is something you are short of and you don’t want to waste any of it.

Take a look at this bunk bed. All the un-used space below it has been converted into a cozy little study for the kids or your significant other.

bunk bed desk

Or this lovely bedroom. So what if you are short on horizontal space; you can build vertically!

high ceiling bedroom


Take a look at these creative uses of condo living small spaces.

bedroom small space


bedroom storage bedroom5 bedroom6


Making the most of your small condo living space, you can convert just about any tiny apartment into a work of wonder and efficiency. It is about quality not quantity after all.

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