What Mistakes do Property Sellers Make?

top mistakes of selling home

At the beginning of their careers, most property agents are usually surprised by the simple, yet frequent, mistakes that many home sellers make. However, after a few more years of being in the business, they become used to it but that does not mean they are not still frustrated by them.

In our experience as property managers in Boston and as real estate agents, we see home sellers go from mistakes like over pricing their home to bigger ones like not renovating the house on sale. It drives us up the wall sometimes because these mistakes are often so easily rectified.

The Top Two Mistakes

Here we have put together a list of some of the most common and most damaging mistakes that property sellers often make.

Not Hiring an Agent

Selling a house involves a lot of work and a lot of time and effort is spent in making sure the house is presented in the best possible manner when it is put out on the market. Some house owners think that they can save on the real estate agent fees by doing it themselves. And they could not be more wrong.

Selling a house requires skill and expertise that can only be provided by a professional, something you obviously cannot be unless you quit your job and start practicing as an agent. Real estate professionals have the knowledge, skills and expertise that enables them to not only guide you in the best way possible but also make sure you get the best price for your property.

Eventually, the amount of money you spend on trying to sell a house yourself is far greater than what you would pay an agent.

Putting Property on the Market Too Soon or Too Late

Sometimes, home owners wait till the “right time” (whatever that means to them) to put their house on the market. One of the reasons we have heard from home sellers are that houses can be presented better in spring, so they wait till autumn and winter have passed before they put up their house on the market. This is a mistaken notion and there is no reason whatsoever that you cannot make your house look pretty during fall.

Often, they put it up too soon. You would not believe how many times we have witnessed potential buyers simply took one look at some bathrooms and walked straight out the door. Come on, people, at least make it look clean!

Renovating your home doesn’t need to be an expensive and drawn-out process. All you have to do is make it look like a place someone would want to live in.

We could go on with this list but these are the two that really affect your house selling adversely and two that you can easily rectify. Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to buying a house?

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