Moving Day Doesn’t Have to Suck If You Do This

moving day tips

March is one of the Massachusetts State’s busy months when it comes to buying or renting a new home. Spring is a month away and many people have already begun looking for new houses and apartments in Boston and other parts of MA.

While moving into a new home can have a number of advantages, one of the most tiresome parts of this is the move itself. Packing, hiring help, finding boxes and transport usually require a lot of time and effort. So how can you make your move a bit more tolerable? Here are some tips.

Don’t Be a Hoarder, Get Rid of It

Many people dump everything into their packing boxes thinking that they will sort through it all after they move. This is a huge mistake not only because you will be wasting a lot of time later, but also because you will end up paying a lot more to the moving services for things you will only throw out later. Old magazines, books, clothes you don’t wear anymore and lots of other stuff can be donated to charities or given away. You can also sell old books and other items at thrift stores.

Get Organized Before Moving Day

February is a good month for organizing your moving. Make use of days off to sort through storage items and separate what is not needed or extra. Also, use this time to go through movers in your area and make a final list of those you might be interested in working with.

You can also use this time to pack up clothes that are out of season, bed covers you will not be using any time soon, or kitchen items that are used rarely.

Pack Special Items First

Whether you are using professional movers or doing the packing yourself, be careful about those special items during the packing. Often, items like crystal vases, family heirlooms, and other important things get lost or broken during moving. The best way to make sure you don’t misplace or break them is to pack them first, mark or label them clearly and place them in a safe place. On moving day, transport these items yourself.

Stop Shopping

Whether it is curtains, new furniture or other items, you should avoid buying anything new at least a month before moving day. Make sure your last grocery shopping trip is at least two weeks before the day you move so you will have less food items to throw away when you move. Also, make sure you turn off your fridge at least a week in advance otherwise you’ll have a melting sloppy mess in your new kitchen.

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