How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

prepare for house inspection

Home inspections are important parts of the selling process and preparing for them does not require spending a huge amount of money or wasting too much time. Preparing for a home inspection can be a very simple process if you remain honest and above board at all times.

As property managers in Boston, there have been countless times when we’ve seen home owners who try to hide the defects of their home instead of fixing them. This is the wrong strategy and utterly dishonest. A home inspector will find these defects no matter how well you hide them and they will penalize you for them.


Make sure each and every part of your home is clean, tidy and organized. It might seem like basic common sense, but you wouldn’t believe the number of times we had to explain to a home owner why they need to clean behind the refrigerator and the washing machine. An inspector will look at and judge each and every corner of your house; they will make sure your house is clean enough for the buyer to purchase. Buying a home is not an easy task and often involves lots of hard-earned money. No one wants to throw that away on a house that still smells of cat urine.


home inspector attic

There is nothing worse than a realtor, an inspector and a potential buyer sifting through your dirty laundry to find that attic door. Make sure you make all storage rooms like the attic, basement etc accessible and easy to find. This goes for crawl spaces, house foundations and the roof.

Cut any over-grown tree branches away from the foundation, trim the hedges away from the patio, and make sure the roof drains are free of dead leaves and debris clogging them. The inspector will expect access to every part of your house and no amount of hindrance you might try to put up there will stop them. So make sure you put away anything that might be too personal for an inspector or potential buyer to see, if you know what we mean. *Ahem*

Fix Everything


The inspector will check each appliance and facility in the house. So, make sure the washing machine, dryer, hot and cold water etc are all working and available. Also ensure that all electrical wires and outlets fulfill all safety requirements and there are no issues with anything. If you have not had time to get something fixed, just say so. Trying to hide things only makes the inspector suspicious about what else you might be hiding and is not a very favorable way to start a new relationship.

Just remember, a family will be buying this home to live in; is our home suitable for that? Would you buy this house? As long as you are honest and make sure everything is available in its best possible condition, you’ll ace that inspection. Best of luck!



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