Property Manager MA: Avoid Locksmith Cons

 Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Avoid Locksmith Cons

It sucks when you come home tired after a long day at work.  That is when you realize you have lose your house key. That is the worst feeling ever. You look for it everywhere but you are unable to find it. That is when you must call a locksmith and get the door unlocked. What if you don’t have the number of a locksmith and you must search for the first one you find on Google? You may get a good offer but it could be too good to be true.

If someone is giving you a low cost, then there is something wrong. A locksmith must bill you for transportation costs, tools, supplies, etc and that comes up to a huge cost. Only a scam artist would come up with a low rate. So, if you see an unbelievable offer, then you know there is something not right.

Property Manager MA: Types of Scams

One of the biggest scams is that they can make extra keys of your property so they can rob you when you are not at home. That is something you do not want to happen. You don’t want your keys to be in the hands of other people. So, therefore a trusted locksmith who is licensed is what you should be going for.

Other scams include scam locksmiths who jack up their prices 400 to 600 percent after they complete their work.  Then they refuse to leave or threaten to call the cops if you don’t pay them. Another scam is where they steal your private information and sell it others to make a profit. If a locksmith claims they can only take cash payments, then you should see that as a red flag. You need to have a receipt and at least a transaction to prove that you got the work done. This means that you can’t dispute the charge later. Lastly another scam is when they break the handle of your lock and you end up having to pay for an overpriced replacement. They only tell you about it once it is done.

 Do your Homework

Therefore, you should do your homework and find a locksmith even if you haven’t lost anything. Do your homework on time and then if there is the need, you can avail his services. If you haven’t and you need to do it in an emergency, you need to ask questions to avoid getting scammed. So, you need to have a few questions to consider before you get one.  You should see it as a red flag if they charge low prices, if the vehicle is unmarked, if they have a lot of negative reviews and the demand for an upfront payment. Do ask the locksmith where he is located, how he will get inside your house, a price estimate and if he needs to drill your lock. If he does not give you the right answer, you know something is wrong.

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